Motherboard Replacement?

[QUOTE=~KIPPER~;2585766]Several studies were done when the dual 4870X2 cards first came out and they all came up with the same facts.

A 4870 X2 videocard and test system draws approximately 177W.

Energy consumption jumps a lot when the video cards are stressed under a 3D gaming load in 3DMark06. In this case, the total system power draw for the Palit HD 4870 X2 test platform rises to a peak of about 421W.

That’s a change of about 245W when this dual card is working at its peak. Keep in mind that some of this additional power is being drawn by the CPU and memory, but it looks like each of the two GPUs on the card is approaching 100W of power burn at least.

As a general guideline, since power consumption will vary with the demands and components of individual systems, but it’s fairly obvious from these numbers that as a minimum a 600W would be recommended, however, once you add in the variables like additional drives and other power draining peripherals I would recommend an 850W with a single rail with a high Amp output on that rail.

[B]OK, if you have the kind of money Alan has[/B] then go for a 1200W or even a 1500W SilverStone Strider.

I have been reviewing PSUs for Enermax, SilverStone, NEXUS, NZXT, Sentey, ULTRA, Seasonic and others and I always test every 850W or higher unit with HD5870s in CF or GTX570 or 580s in SLI on an i7 930/950 test system with an OC of 4.0GHz and have yet to find a single 12v rail with at least 58amps and 850W unit from any of these respected companies that would even break a sweat under my test loads.

So, save a little cash and take it a little easier on your electric bill at the same time and before you know it you will have enough saved up to upgrade that card.[/QUOTE]


[B]OK, if you have the kind of money Alan has [/B]
[/B]So just because I have a job means I have alot of money eh? Just because you can fix and know more about computers than I do makes you rich? I just spend my extra cash that I worked my old butt for on my hobby doesn’t make me rich. Now back to the topic, your accessment seem to concur with my findings. ( To everyone reading this Kipper is my friend for a very long time and we bust each other on a consistant basis.);):wink:

Well I have a job too but lately the extra bills and expenses that happened after I got hurt at work a few years ago have eaten up all the extra cash I used to have available after paying bills for my toys.
This Mother board I’m using was a 600 upgrade of which I still owe my freind 300 BUT we’ve known each other for years, like you two, so he’s not worried about when I can get him the rest plus more then likely soon I’ll trade some of my labor and skills I have and probably pay that off and maybe end up with a few bucks in the end:bigsmile:
I can probably get him to spot me a power supply too but don’t want to be on the hook for a bunch more right now so I keep watching the sales and checking the specs. We didn’t realize just how much this crazy card draws when it goes into full on game mode. I had a 3870x2 that didn’t even phase this thing so I figured the newer card wouldn’t be that much worse:rolleyes: Didn’t even know it was a problem till I reinstalled Stalker Call of Pripyat to try and replay a few levels to get a better ending of the game and do a few things I missed. My UPS showed I was at 500 watts and suddenly CLUNK, everything shut down.
HOWEVER I much prefer a PSU that has over current and voltage protection then it trying to supply more then it can and killing everything in my box.

Well I just ordered a Thermaltake 850 from the Egg for 94 shipped. Has a 69 amp single 12 volt rail so should be able to power my new monster, and all the other crap in here as well.
The reviews are mostly positive, it should also be made by Nspire and so far none of the ones my friend sells have ever taken out a PC, though ocasionally one does die, and it has all the over/under voltage current protection so at least if it’s not happy about something the box will live to play another day. It also has a 25 buck rebate so figured it’s worth going into hock for and I’ve been happy with the older 750 for about 4 years, other then the fan getting noisy, which I replaced, it was great till the new card was installed. Crossing my fingers and hopefully it’ll be here in a few days.