Motherboard replacement

Hi, looking for a replacement motherboard for a hp sr1110nx, number on motherboard is MS-6577 , i know it is a 478 pin and i have found a couple on newegg but not sure if holes line up . Any help would be great, thanks.

Holes should line up fine if the form factor is correct.

It sounds like you have a “proprietary” board built by MSI for HP.
You need to verify with HP that it uses “mainstream” connectors, most notably front panel and power supply.

The power supply is probably mainstream, but the front front panel connectors can be the gotcha.

As ccromeo states, verify your “form factor” too (ATX, microATX etc.)

If you have not done this type work before you better ask for help from more experienced person on this otherwise you end up with dead computer. here’s the motherboard i want to replace, does it have mainstream connectors, will a micro atx board replace this one, thanks

The front panel power header [B]JFP1[/B] looks standard, however, the case may have a proprietary connector instead of standard connectors.

If the [B]JFP1[/B] connectors are labelled you stand a better chance because you can then identify the case wires and can possibly match them to a new motherboard’s power header, depending on the physical configuration of the case wire connectors.

That motherboard is a micro ATX.