Motherboard-related question

I’ve got quite an unusual question for you -
I need an ATX Socket A motherboard with support for :

[li]Dual In-Line 128MBX4 DDR Modules (2X128X4)
[/li][li]AGP 8X
And it’d be good if it supported :

[/li][li]USB 2.0

The brand doesn’t matter, however the price does :wink:

Thank you in advance

Umm, dunno offhand but something like the MSI KT2 Combo-L or KT2 Combo

I believe this board had both types of options for RAM, was Socket A, has USB2.0 and onboard NIC, and MSI is a good brand name.

Although AGP only goes up to 4x.

I’d say if you want firewire or if you dont need it. I’m not sure what you mean regarding the RAM but I guess it’s some flavour of regular DDR memory. SiS748 is a very solid chipset too :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, forgot to mention - I need one that supports FSB266MHz, along with the 266MHz DDR-SDRAM (PC2100).

Both Foxconn mainboards does that.,%20748K7AA-ERS

Let me precise my question a bit - I need a Socket A (Athlon XP) motherboard with one of the following chipsets :

[li]VIA P4X266A
[/li][li]VIA KT266/333
[/li][li]VIA KT600
[/li][li]VIA PT800
[/li][li]SIS 645
[/li][li]SIS 648, 648FX
[/li][li]SIS 746FX
I don’t care about the AGP/USB/ATA anymore. Only the chipset matters.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

I made up my mind :wink:
I’m getting the Gigabyte GA-7VT600-1394.

Thread can be considered as closed.

Thanks to everybody for providing me the answers!