Motherboard recommendations

i will be upgrading to an athlon 1800 xp soon and i want to know what a decent motherboard would be to get for it. also i dont want any onboard sound card or video cards or the like. just a plain board. any recommendations?

thanks in advance.

AsusTek A7V variant is pretty stable.

Also the Abits are quite nice (overclockable and stuff like that).

I recently upgraded one of my machines to the 2200+ and and Asus Tek A7V333 mainboard and DDR PC3200 I have to say that I am so happy with it that I have ordered 3 more boards and chips for my other systems.

I’ve had great luck with the SiS 745 chipset, maybe not as fast as the KT333, but stabler and without any driver issues, and the speed difference is really small.

The boards to look for IMO would be the Asus A7S333, MSI 745 Ultra and (cheap!) ECS K7S6A. They all offer decent overclocking options, and the chipset has been proven stable at even 200 FSB.
Also there’s a PCChips board (old PCChips were stay-aways, the new ones are pretty fine…) that runs on the SiS 745, offer good performance and has (sweet!) onchip FireWire… They should be cheap too…

If you didn’t mind having onboard stuff, (Disableable of course!) I’d recommend you the A7N266-C. Very nice performance for a cheap price…

I would personally reccomend any Asus or Gigabyte board. Both are stable and fast. I’ve heard good things about the Soyo dragon series, and they look like nice boards, but I have no firsthand experience with Soyos.