Motherboard recommendation

I need advice on buying a motherboard. I’m looking for something that won’t break the bank. I need a P4 socket 478 atx form factor. My current matsonic board is failing to recognize my dvd drive bout 75% of the time.

MSI 865PE Neo2-P

Got one ordered. I’ll post back in a few days. From the reviews I’ve read, it seems like a nice board.

Ummm, what makes you so sure it’s the mobo??? Usually, intermittent recognition of drives can be a LOT of different things, including a crappy PSU :doh: . I’d check your voltages with a meter first, make sure the 12v rail is up to snuff especailly. It could also be the cabling, or a bad solder joint (which might possibly be on the mobo end). I dunno, you need to do some more investigation. As for a socket 478 mobo, I can get Intel 845GERG2 mobos, MATX, Intel gigabit lan, onboard video, AGP port, Intel audio, and pc2700 support, brand new for $60 through MCM electronics. They also have another mobo that has 845PE chipset with silicon image SATA for $60 (845PEB2). There’s an old 845BGSE for $40 through them. I bought an 845GERG2, and used some old ram and a 2.53 northwood to build a puter for somebody. I like Intel chipsets!!! :iagree:

The thing that makes me think it’s the board is that it worked fine in two other computers, plus I wanted a board with Intel chipset anyway :slight_smile:

Got this board installed and it works great. Running PCMark, all my scores improved.

I say scrap that Intel stuff and get a nice AMD64 board… say an Asus A8N-E :stuck_out_tongue: