Motherboard Monitors

Are there any good motherboard monitors out there that can tell me my CPU temperature on a Gigabyte GA-8I945P Pro? Thanks!

Doesn’t Gigabyte have it’s own monitoring proggie? I think so. Everest is still very popular, though no longer free. Keep in mind that board-reported temps and CPU on-chip diodes are notoriously inaccurate. But any baseline temp is a good one if your messing about with voltage and cooling.

MBM5 is sort of a standard, but you need to check their site to see if your board is supported. It also requires carefull set up to be sure you are watching the right diode.

The free Everest can still be gotten over at Doom9

Everest is great, that’s my monitor of choice. You won’t find the free version on the Lavalys site any more, though - I found it in the same place bkf mentions, after chasing around for it when I replaced HDDs. :bigsmile: