Motherboard Locked Out

Don’t know where to put this one but here goes. I have a Dell Dimension 8400 and somehow the BIOS got locked and everything is set to factory defaults especially the HT got turned off which when it was on it helped my computer a lot. :sad: I was wondering if anybody knew how to get rid of the password on the BIOS so i can turn HT back on. I’ve been told that I had to clear the BIOS or something like that but I do not know how to do that. Thanks for any help.

Usually there is a jumper on the motherboard (like on the back on HD’s and optical drives). You need to reposition it, usually with one of the pins that are original jumpered and the pin next to it. Then remove the CMOS battery (looks like a large watch battery) for about 10 seconds. Then replace the battery and put the jumper into it’s original position.

Suggest you consult Dell on the procedure for “reset CMOS” on that board. Sometimes unplugging and removing the battery is all that’s required, sometimes you have to jumper it.

on any mother board removing the battery for a couple of minutes should reset the cmos.
But it is easer to use the jumper

I’ve tried all of that but I’m trying to get rid of the password on my BIOS/Setup because I’m locked out of it and I cant turn Hyper-Threading back on

You have to reset CMOS, consult Dell on the correct procedure for that specific motherboard. Dell uses proprietary BIOS, you can only get your answer from them. Or is the problem that you didn’t actually buy this PC from Dell? If so, you can try to find the motherboard model and search for answers at Dell based on the part number.