Motherboard installation problem

I recently bought a kv8 pro amd athlon 64 754 motherboard off ebay. It appeard in box and the owner said it was new and un-used. So I went and bought a case with a 400w PSU. WHen i went to connect the PSU to the motherboard, i noticed a yellow 4-pin plug cellotaped to the main power plug that gets plugged into the motherboard. THe letters 20+4 was written on the end of the cable head, what is the extra 4-pin plug for?

ANyhow i installed ram and i installed a video card, and the processor and heatsink obviouslly ( though the fan is not very secure in place! ), and went to turn on the box pressing the switch at the back of the PSU ( then pressing the switch at the front, which does nothing at all there is no response from the motherboard ), all that comes on is the green light on the motherboad and down in the “post code” LED thingie what resembles 2 letters ‘JJ’ or upside down 7’s!!! There is no noise off the motherboard to suggest it is loading up or doing anything. what am i doing wrong? what do i need to check for? is the motherboard dead?

do you have a 4 pin connected to your mother board ,if not plug it in

I believe your board has a 20 pin power connector , the 4 pin should go into your mother board 4 pin thats why nothing is happening.

thanks lads for the reply.

i connected a white 4 pin plug ( that was seperately connected to the PSU ) to the atx12v, should i be connecting the fluorescent coloured one that was connected to the main PSU motherboard plug? i think i did that and nothing happend. i will take a pic and upload it now so you can see what it looks like.

here is a picture of it, if its too blurry let me know and i can put up another one:

i reckon i have everything in correctly, the yellow/flourescent coloured cable i have in my hand was the one cellotaped to the main plug. Even if i put this in where the white one has been plugged in nothing happens ( save the led on the motherboard and the post code light in the bottom corner )

althought there is no cable connected in this picture, if i connected either the white one or the yellow one ( 4 pin ) this is all that happens, led light and something that resembles a J in the post code thingie.

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You have connected your PSU to the mobo correctly. (The connector which will connect to the 20 pin connector is redundant in your case).
It could be that the connections between the case & mobo are not correct. (Try swapping the positive & negative pins).
Also the CPU fan should be working anyway. (This implies there is something wrong with mobo, although no guarantee).

zebadee, that last sentence is something i didnt want to hear, i had a feeling this may be the case.

hmm the power cables i have look like this

but i have 2 extras called +p led, -p led…the thing is on the mobo i have it doesnt mention anything about these, all it mentions is about Suspended LED, speaker, GURU, HDD LED, power switch and reset switch but there is nothing for +p led and - led, could that be whats wrong?

i am having problems getting the fan and heatsink to stick in i think…i am not sure its properly in, its a bloody bastid to get in. The instructions are a diagram with no words, and i beleive i have followed what it says but i am not convinced…

thanks for the welcoming zebadee, i actually joined before you!!! hehe but i browse rather than reply cos there are people who know a lot more on here than i do so i dont bother replying!!

question answered previously

Go here and download the manual for the motherboard from Abit.
Always do this as step 1 when buying a used motherboard before you buy it. No surprises that way. I buy all mine on ebay with never a problem.

Newer mobo’s (at least Asus) comes with an adapter marked to hook all the case header plugs.

Go here and download the manual for the motherboard from Abit.
Always do this as step 1 when buying a used motherboard before you buy it. No surprises that way. I buy all mine on ebay with never a problem.

lad, when a fella sells a mobo on the internet saying “un-used bought as a piece of hardware to build a new pc but never got round to building it” you can only trust him…if someone wants to sell you a dudd they can do it with no protection…

im pretty sure the mobo is wrecked and i bought a piece of crap i just wanted to make sure before i consigned myself to it! :frowning:

just a thought , try removing your video card and see if that works , take your ram out and reseat it but try mobo without video card

make sure 4 pin is connected to mb

i had one of these mobos a while back they are very temprimental if all the above dont work remove all power to the pc and take out the battery for a few mins and put it back in and try to boot can u get a different psu or test it elsewhere ? :slight_smile:

@ rolling abit give u a sticker for the guide on how to do the connectors :slight_smile:

I would check this picture against the way you have the mobo connected to the case The plus + sign is positive or power and the next pin to the right is Negative or ground (-) As an example the power connector should be green to 3rd top pin and white (ground) to 4th top pin and so on. If these are not connected properly the board will not get the signal to power up. As for the Pled the +Pled goes to the + Pled and then skip one to the right for the -Pled. You should also have an HDD led connector but maybye you didn’t get one with your case.

i have a HDDLED that is in where you show, the only one that is not in right is the PLED cos thats not how it looked on the MOtherboard i got, it said that the GURU ( what exactly is that ) is where you have pled on the above diagram! does it actually matter which way the power and reset buttons are facing i.e. label facing inway or the label facing out the way?

i removed the video card, nothing happend, i then removed the ram, and i noticed 00 come up on the motherboard in the postcode thingie, but i googled and checked the manual for 00 and i haven’t found anything…

can the post above this be deleted by a mod please…it doesnt make any sense :frowning: and i cant edit it.

the HDDLED is connected and connected correctly as are the power and reset case headers. I am just wondering about the 00 on the post code now…at least if something different was being signalled it must show that the motherboard is working at least?!

I just looked in the manual linked above and it does not have a 00 post code (Appendix G). My suggestion would be to unplug power and clear CMOS with the battery removed (Hit the power button while the battery is removed to drain residual power) once CMOS is cleared install the vid card and one stick of ram to see if it posts to Bios. Follow Appendix H in the manual (trouble shooting). Make sure that the CMOS Jumper is in the proper Default position (page 2-7 in the manual) Let us know if you have any success.:slight_smile: