Motherboard Ideas

I am in the process of building another pc but this time i am trying to go for a near silent one …
anyway i have bought an acousticase+ acoustic pack and a power supply tagen 480 watt also 2 silent dustfree acoustifans
Now im at the point of buying a mobo and would like some help
This is the board i have been looking at Asus A8n sli premium (recommended on another forum as well as being quiet because of the heatpipe instead of the fan on the southbridge (but silence dont matter to much as far as mobo is concerned well for me anyway)

Asus A8n sli any opinions
I should add im not into gaming much but i like some of the features on this board…
I basically want a decent system to replace my 2.8 ATI that is going in the kids room…

This mobo should fit your needs.
Also, the Tagan PSU is a good choice, I have one too.

Thanks for the answer chef basically that is the mobo i have selected but just thought i would get some more opinions .
There are so much different mobo,s going around just now its a minefield.
When i built my last computer all i had to worry about basically was INTEL or AMD but nowadays there are so much features you have to have a good think…

Basically anything with a ULi or Nvidia chipset is a good choice, and you just need to shop for features and stick with a good quality manufacturer. I’ve also seen nothing but good things about the more recent ATI-based boards, but have no personal experience with them.

Avoid VIA like the plague upon this earth that they unquestionably are.
That said… they’ve made massive strides in recent years, but I still despise them.

So far as board manufacturers are concerned I tend to stay with ASUS, Soyo, Gigabyte, MSI, and Chaintech. Beyond that it’s really a question of individual feature-set and personal preference anymore.

A side note: I’d warn against Western Digital harddrives, and Hitachi/IBM as well. Stick with Seagate and Maxtor for the most part. The price differential isn’t that great, and I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with WD drives – 5 out of 5 dead, 3 of those within 2 years, 1 within 2 months.


I’d have a look at ATI A8R-MVP Deluxe, good reviews and good performance and no nVidia (this is good if you want to run Linux or such) :smiley:
Keep also in mind that the ULi southbridge (handles, USB, PATA/SATA etc) is faster than on nForce.

Yep, the new ULi ones (only seen from ASRock yet) come with eSATA2 support and “CPU Upgrade option” for AM2.