Motherboard for AMD

Which motherboard should i pick for an AMD 2600+ Barton ?
I’m interested in nforce2 chipsets.

I’m building a system for a friend of mine and he isn’t interested in gaming , overclocking and stuff like that , he only needs a stable system.

Should i get him the ASUS A7N8X-E DELUXE , ABIT NF7-S or something else ?

if he’s not interested in those things, then an nf2 system is probably too good for him anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: i like the NF7-S myself, but if he doesn’t plan on doing any of those things, then pretty much any nf2 board would do.

Thanks for the tips.
Now i have some more questions about the system i’m building…

about ddr ram :
Should i get cl3 or cl2.5 ? Whats the difference ?

about power supply :
I need a good but not very expensive ps , i have found a Q-TEC 400W (with 2 fans) in a reasonable price , is it a good choice ?

the nforce chip set has nice options, but if i am correct it is slower then the via chipset.

i would go for msi, asus or chaintech. Not sure if they al have nforce chipsets, but they offer good quality and a lott of options.

How faster the ddr ram how more stable your mobo/os will be. ALso handy when you want to overclock a bit. Always buy a brand.
cl2.5 is faster…how lower the timings how faster the mem

q-tech psu’s are ok for normal users. High end overclockers need to buy expensive psu’with more stabel output (>100euro).

ASUS is da best IMO
VIA chipset is good enough
CLx.x is best when x.x is lower # - consider dual channel memory
Antec True power all the way - otherwise thermaltake or enermax

Hope that helps some :wink:

I think you may be better of with a VIA KT600 based board. The performance is somewhat lower, but so is the price. And… it generally gives more features for the price (such as SATA etc).

#1. VIA KT880 and NForce2 400 (about equal performance)
#2. NForce 2
#3. VIA KT600 (about 5 to 10% slower than the #1).

Which KT600 motherboards-brands should i consider buying ?

Is that chipset stable compared to the nforce2 ?

msi is pretty good

Originally posted by The_Judas
[B]Which KT600 motherboards-brands should i consider buying ?

Is that chipset stable compared to the nforce2 ? [/B]

I only have experience with the Asus KT600 deluxe boards (build 3 systems on that) and I must say that stability isn’t any issue (super stable) and the set of features is very good, especially for the pretty low price!

other optiuon besides the above



nforce 2

MSI, got no kt880 yet



they also have lots of nforce mobo’s

For cheaper mobo’s you also can have a look at Soltek. They have pretty goof mobo’s i heard…but cheap…they strip of many options. But they still leave enough for normal use