Motherboard for AMD 64 3200

Yeah I think I will go for the AMD 64 3200 it seems it will be only around 200 more than the reg 3200, but one thing is really concerning me, and that is the motherboard. It seems like there really isn’t a good motherboard out there for this chip, I read reviews of some and there is always something wrong, it is like there are still some bugs dealing with 64 m.b.'s. Any one recommend a motherboard for the AMD64 3200, or is it just safer to get the reg. 3200 etc… Any suggestions ladies and gentlemen?

What reviews did you read, if I may ask you?

I have an Athlon 64 3000+ with a MSI NEO K8T FIS2R mainboard. That one is built upon the VIA K8T800 chipset and I don’t have any complaints about it: it’s fast, stable and very complete. The only thing you have to take into accout is that you need a PSU with a good 12V line (that goes for other systems as well btw, be it a 32 bit Athlon XP or a P4) and descent memory. I don’t have any complaints at all.

Most boards are based upon this VIA chipset (at least, for now that is; most likely the NF3 250 series will become a big player quite soon) and AFAIK there aren’t any real issues with these boards. Just built your system upon the specs provided by the manufacturers of the mainboard and AMD and they should work just fine.

There’s onle little thin the current VIA bases boards aren’t good at: overclocking. There’s no working PCI and AGP lock functionality, so your overclocking possibilities are very limited. The NF3 chipset will resolve this. So if OC’ing is a must, you have to wait a little longer…

I’d go for a Foxconn board based on SiS’s 755 chipset.

I’d be a bit careful choosing a nForce3 board since nVidia doesn’t seem to keen about releasing technical documents nor sourcecode for drivers to help developers to support their chipsets along with integrated features. You’ll probably curse nVidia regarding this issue if you’re using any other OS than Windows. I honestly can’t say that 250Gb impressed me deeply, the builtin firewall is a joke and you’d be better off using a software based especially performancewise.

maybe this one

Frankly, I’d wait for the conversion to socket 939. I think there are several companies scheduled to release boards in the next month or so. socket 754 (the current athlon 64 type) is going to be dead-end for upgrading. Plus, the socket 939 will feature dual channel memory (like the athlon 64FX boards), for the standard athlon 64 line, without the need for registered DDR memory.

Good Luck

The s939 boards have some bad things as well. Most likely, an Athlon 64 with the identical rating (no FX) will be faster on the s754 platform than on the s939 with most applications. Why that is? Because most applications benefit more from the 1MB of internal cache than from the dual channel memory on just 512KB internal cache.

The s754 wills scale up to 4000+. That’ll be a fast CPU for the upcoming 18 months or so (the fatest one in stores for now is 3200+). If you don’t want to keep a mainboard for over 2 years (I know I never want to, as lots of new technologies like SATA2 etc etc will be standard by then) the s754 platform may be a good choice. The s939 is most likely more future proof, but then again, by the time you’ll be really benefiting from the s939 platform (as soon as they go quite some over the 4000+ rating), you’ll most likely want to buy a new board as well…

just my 2 cents…

I hadn’t heard that socket 754 would scale up that high, its good to know.
Also, there is an Athlon 64 3400+ that is currently available. Though its pricey at over $400 US.

athlon 64 3400+

Yes is sure is pricey, but when you compare performance to an Athlon FX, you’ll see that it often outperforms a much pricier one! Same goes for the P4-EE! Not that bad a deal after all eh?

does anyone know a link for a reliable comparison of the via chipset sct754 motherboards. I was initially going to go for the MSI NEO K8T FIS2R like dee-ehn but my vendor doesn’t sell it so i am going to have to go for one of these:

Suggestions very welcome

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If my supplier is out of MSI NEO K8T FIS2R boards I may be forced to buy Asus K8VSE Deluxe board for a similar price. Are there reliability/performance/stability differences between these asus and msi boards?

Does anyone know a link for a reliable comparison of these 2 via K8T800 motherboards (The Asus K8VSE Deluxe and the MSI one)?

Tia :iagree:

(BTW is it me or have ddr prices gone up by about £20 over the last few months?!? )

I know I read a comparison between the two somewhere, but I can’t seem to locate it anymore.

Anyhow, I recall that the Asus board is quite a good board, but the MSI was slightly better: performance should be a bit better (although the differences are small between the K8T800-based boards; nobody will notice the difference without measurements) and the features should even be way better.

The Asus is a good choice, but I’d pick the MSI if possible. I love that CoreCell functionality it has :slight_smile:

You could check the reviews at the following sites:

most, if not all of the sites listed above, have forums you could check out as well.
Hope this helps

Google --> Keywords: review <model of mainboard here> --> enter button
By reading reviews you’ll get an idea on how it performs, possible flaws etc.

If you’re going with the VIA chipset:

  • ASUS
  • ABIT
  • MSI

I personally prefer the FOXCONN/SIS solution as it is running outstanding for me right now. Only drawback…limited OCing…especially due to the fact that there are no voltage options. You do however get “complete” control of your RAM settings.

I’m not a big fan of the NForce3 chipset right now…however, if you’re not in a big hurry to upgrade and are willing to wait for the new A64 goodies, the Nforce4 chipset for socket939 looks to be very promising.


Check here for amd 64 chips, prices and compatable boards as well as the board specs and so on…

I’ll follow Dee-ehn’s advice and go for the msi or the asus (as 2nd choice).

Whilst were talking amd64 systems, can Dee-ehn (or anyone) tell me if i will actully notice the performance difference when using branded cas2 ram instead of unbranded (probably cas3) ram, bearing in mind I will certainly not overclock the memory (or anything else)? I am willing to risk compatability for price, assuming negligible performance differences. My main uses will be playing ut2003, burning dvds/cds, internet browsing and occasionally using DVDxCopy/CloneDVD.

@jmike314 + diizzy: i can understand that sis chipset may have a decent reputation with the amd64, but i am going to go via because [a] via has never trounled me in the past [b] via boards are more available around me and [c] because more people seem to be going down the via route so if i have trouble it will be easier for me to ask for help.

(BTW if anyone is wondering why i seem to be asking about an amd64/VIA K8T800 chipset system again after a few months, it is because I was ready to buy a system in about March but my funds got taken elsewhere at the time ;))

Naw neither of those boards have as many features as the gigabyte GA-K8VNXP, i’ve been using it for about 6 months now, although not a great overclocker, it sure has been stable as all get out since i’ve been running it.
give it a look see:

Here is a round up, judge for yur self:

I really like my MSI NEO K8T FIS2R. Using a 3200+ Clawhammer and 1gig of PNY pc3500 (what can I say…got a good deal on it and it runs fine) The board is fast, versitile, and very stable. I do not overclock so I cannot offer advice there. Have had it over 3 months without a hickup and this is the first MSI product I have bought in years. I also run a quality 450 watt PSU…A good PSU is a must especially one with good 12v rails!

Antec TruePower 430W and up. Running a True480 myself. Although I have no idea why I need one right now. Was gonna use it on my Barton MP system though.