Motherboard capacitor replacement


So my xbox didn’t turn on after some time without using it. Close inspection of the motherboard reveled that one of the caps was broken and had leaked. I cleaned the electrolyte “spill” with 95% alcohol and removed the blown cap. The markings on it are:

2.5V 1F
Powerstor Aerogel

I went to radioshack thinking I could easily replace the component but I guess these things are not so common. Radioshack does not carry caps at this specification. I did find some info online and a place I could purchase a cap of the same specs.

Anyway, my main concern is that the leaked cap could have caused terminal damaged as I was consistently try to power up the unit and thus getting a new cap would be pointless.

So, in short, does anyone know of a place I can cheaply purchase a replacement cap (under $10 with shipping)? Also, is it even worth it as the board may be dead?

Thanks in advance

You should take it to a professional to find out what cause the breakage!

Appears to be a common problem. Maybe worth a try. The below link may help in your decision.

adict2jane, the unit will not work with a bad cap. If you know how to use a soldering iron, I would say definitly go for it. To find an inexpensive place to buy a capacitor, look in you local yellow pages, “electronics supply” “tv repair” etc. It’ll take some searching and calling.

Personally I don’t know how radioshack is still in bussiness, its changed so much over the years.

I doubt the board is dead, The only way the board would be no good any more is if you rubbed the tracks off the board when cleaning it.
Going by [B]e6shamroc[/B]'s link you can get the part you want for $2.50.

Just to add that if this cap is for the power supply, then getting one with close values will also work. The voltage would need to be slightly higher, but not lower. If you do get one with a slightly higher voltage ie. 3V, then it will also have to have a higher capciatance, something like 1.5x the capacitance in order to be acceptable.

Thanks for all the responses guys! They were very helpful.

I am trying to find the part locally but so far have had no luck.

Otherwise I will be ordering the part (and a few spares) from digikey which unfortunately after shipping and handling, is around $10.

OK, so I got the replacement part from this website:

First, I cleaned up the electrolyte residue with white vinegar as best I could and then tined the pads on the motherboard and connections on the capacitors. I then soldered the replacement cap onto the board. Plugged it in and it works like new.

It was very easy but a couple things for anyone who attempts capacitor replacement.

  1. Clean up any electrolyte residue from the old cap(s) with vinegar. When I first replaced the cap, the unit kept restarting and this turned out to be the reason. Vinegar neutralizes any electrolyte reside.
  2. After vinegar, clean with rubbing alcohol and make sure everything is dry before testing the unit.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and suggestions :slight_smile: