Motherboard and Ram?

When you buy a motherborad how do you know what is the correct memory for it?

Usually motherboard website have this information. There should be a link for certified memory available for that specific mobo

My Manufacturer (American Megatrends) does not give any good info about there motherboards, any other way to find out?

AMI? I know they do BIOSes, didn’t know they made mobos…

I checked with PC Wizard and thats what it told me.

Can you open computer and see directly in mobo what brand is?

Its an Asrock.

That makes more sense :iagree:

It says:
Memory Max. 2GB DDR

So does that mean that I can put any memory into it that is a DDR DIMM PC2700 or PC3000 …

If I’m not wrong, DDR 333 = PC 2700, so you can’t use DDR 400

So how did you find that out?

a lot of cas 2.5 ddr 400 will run cas 2 at pc 2700
ctspd and everest confirm

another 512 would be the most bang for the quid

Your motherboard manufacturer should list what memory modules have been tested with their products. It’s a case of looking up the web-site for your board and then finding a link to tested memory with that board. The memory quoted should be actual part numbers for the memory manufacturers in question.