Motherboard Advice

I’m going on my 3rd built system and I’m not sure if the motherboard I put in most systems (Asus P4S533) is a good one or if there are better available, anyone got a good suggestion? Onboard components aren’t an issue.

I guess the P4S533 is OK, but check out this one too:
ASUS P4PE (Intel 845PE). It has an Intel chipset and supports the new Hyper Threading CPU-technology.

You could also take a look at Gigabyte; they give pretty good performance for lower prices. An ASUS mobo and a Gigabyte mobo with the same basic features, cost about the same; but the Gigabyte usually comes in with extra RAID etc.

I agree with Wannes, if you don’t need to save some money, then go for an intel chipset. And as you can see in my signature i vote for ASUS.:slight_smile:

I vote for GigaByte or MSI :slight_smile:

You want a good idea and some user input try

I’m going to have to agree with vio_man. After the Asus P4S8X, I’m going to have to go with my next favorites, Gigabyte and MSI boards also seem to be pretty solid. Asus will never get my money again. Check before buying any asus board.

I’m usually split between Gigabyte and Abit.

My last Intel P4 mobo was based on the Gigabyte GA-8IEXP. However, if asked to recommend a mobo today, it’ll be the Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra at

Don’t have experience with MSI, but I usually hear good things about them from others. You can forget Asus in my book.

After the Asus P4S8X, I’m going to have to go with my next favorites, Gigabyte and MSI boards also seem to be pretty solid.

Hmm, a SIS chipset?
There is no board without minor problems which are fixed with BIOS updates.

Yeah, Asus solved all their problems with a BIOS update. The board has been massively unstable for the majority of users, so they have released BIOSes which set the RAM speed to 133MHz (DDR266/2100) and slow timings. It is not an acceptable fix and lowers RAM speed by 50%. The Gigabyte GA-8PE667 which was reccommended here uses the same chipset so it’s obvious the Asus is doing something wrong.

I would recommend an Abit IT7 Max2. :smiley:

Why not do what I do when I need to buy new a new motherboard, hard drive. ram or CPU and check out the following site.

Toms Hardware

This site is extremely good as they do tests on multiple boards and hardware then compare them. This is where I go when I need to buy a new board or other piece of hardware.

Just last week I needed to get what I thought was a new motherboard but it ended up turning out to be my Phillips burner had died :(… So I replaced the drive with the new LG GCE-8480B burner and prior to that I brought the new Gigabyte GA-7VAXP with the Kt400 Chipset. This board got the best review of the lot and it comes with the following:

VIA KT400 Chipset
FSB: 333/266/200 Socket A
3 DDR DIMM Slots
6 Channel Audio
4 ATA133 Controllers With 2 Being Raid Selectable
LAN Connector Onboard
6 USB 2.0 Connectors
3 X 1394 Firewire Connectors
1 X SPDIF Card

This board is packed with many features. But this board is also for an AMD CPU. Not to sure if they make this board for the P4 though. But either way check out the previous URL and see what is best for you and your needs.


Thanks a lot guys, soon as I get me some cash I’ll get something better than what I have (VC31 motherboard).