Motherboad fan slots dont seem to work!

my mobo fan slots arent working i know all my fans work i have tested them using the molex cable also the only slot i can connect my fans to is the POWER FAN SLOT as for CHASIS FAN 1-4 they dont work

help !!

Yea if you tell us which mobo it is (make, model etc) then we can start to help…

its an asus M2N-SLI DELUXE

Have you checked your BOIS settings?

Could be something u forgot to feed from PSU to MOBO. They always come up with new additional wires. Otherwise, yes, set everything in BIOS to manual fan controls. Finally, could be some silly jumper on mobo.

i changed everything on bios to normal or defualt settings still not wroking

[QUOTE=reeper535;1966889]i changed everything on bios to normal or defualt settings still not wroking[/QUOTE]

When did they stop working? Have you regulary dusted the inside of your computer to get rid of the dust bunnies??? So you mean all the fan including the CPU fan isn’t working right?? Could be a bad board if the fans aren’t working?? Did you flash your BIOS lately?? Is all your power connectors connected the right way? Have you check your PS to see it if is working properly??

Try speedfan, a great little program that allows you to manually set the speed of your fans in windows:

Hope it works!

well, i HAD speedfan i just removed it and im going to try it in a few…also my cpu fan works great no problem also my power fun does to. all cables are connected right and I GUESS my psu is fine