Most Surreal Youtube Video

What is the most surreal, twisted, odd Youtube video you have ever seen? One that makes you walk around scratching your brain and asking, “What the huh did I just see?”.

I thrive on the surreal stuff; it keeps the brain limber by rubbing it the wrong way every now and then. I am always looking for something bizarre, and there are certain things I’ve seen that I can’t find that maybe someone else has seen.

So, I’ll start it off with a few VERY strange things I’ve found:


“Funky Forest” clip

“Funky Forest” full

note: much of the full movie is boring and senseless, but there are parts in there that will really wobble your brain.

Jan Svankmajer’s “Spiklenci Slasti” (“Conspirators of Pleasure”). Rare; hard to find.

Anything Jan Svankmajer makes is very strange (check out “Little Otik”).

David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” (or “Erase Your Head” as some like to call it):

hmmm… It’s gone! I was going to post the link but it seems to be gone. Oh well, good thing I burned a copy. It’ll come back around eventually. look for it. In the meantime, here’s some clips:

Anything David Lynch makes is twisted (Twin Peaks; Firewalk With Me)

So, does anyone else out there have anything strange and bizarre to share?


I clicked on one that turned out to be a porn fetish one time.
It circulated on the internet quite a few years back.
I wouldn’t watch it a second time for money.

I would call these surreal:

Have you ever seen Japanese porn? It’s like that. Too sick and twisted to ever watch again. Saw it just long enough to say WTF? and leave (right about the time they started cutting her leg off)

Animusic! I love animusic. Now I gotta listen to a bunch of it again. It’s all your fault! hehe:bigsmile: Yum, “Starship Groove”.

Ok, try this on fer size: