Most Suitable Media

Hi everybody, I have a Nec-2500A and I would like to burn safety copies of my movie collection and DVDs with photos to play them on :

  1. A Yamada 6100 Divx Player
  2. A modded Xbox with Thomson DVD

I discovered that they both read DVD +/- R ( they don’t read Think Xtra DVD-R but I think just because those medias SUCK )

I would appreciate if you can suggest me which media I should buy and where. How are the Princo 4x sold by NIERLE ?

How princo are? They are…varying. Most is rather low quality, a few is good and some is unusable. varies from batch to batch.

I’ve had good look with Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi and CMC DVDR discs with the ND-2500A.

Generally: stay away from the cheapest discs and discs of unknown brands you have never heared of before.

but you tested the princo fairly good at your review.

i had an btc 1004 which was very picky with media. i hope the nec 2500a is better and more usable with more different brands.

just found another statement:

“Yes the write quality is perfect, even on low quality discs like lead data and princo!” by OC-FREAK

He said “gerneally”. Just because the NEC can be good with some cheap media does not always mean it’s a good idea to use cheap media :iagree: Quality can vary from disc to disc, plus I doubt the discs’s will last as long as some higher quality ones. The old addage “You get what you pay for” is usually true with DVD media.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say feel free to use cheap media for movie DVD backups and the good stuff for data backup.

Why? Well if you need to read back data and it’s got an error then you are gonna have trouble getting that data back. With movie DVD backups the player if there is an error it will just skip over the error or stick/stutter but you can at least move past it usually.

Cheap media for movies
Good media for data

That’s the way I see it :slight_smile: