Most stable version of nero 6?

I have been using of Nero and to date have been pleased. I use the uptodate version of Any DVD 6130.

I am trying to burn a dual layer and the first turned out fine and the next 2 had burning errors at the 52 % area.

My firmware is uptodate, and I am using the compatible media of my burner that their support suggests, BenQ and all of sudden this.
I am throwing away D/L left and right.

Is there a patch for this version or a better version? re Dual Layer.

I can’t understand why this is happening. I cleared out all my temp files and did reboots and still no change.
I would really appreciate comments, thankyou.

Use ImgBurn to burn to DL media rather than Nero.

If you’re trying to copy the whole movie then rip it to an ISO image with DVD Decrypter & burn with ImgBurn.

If you’re not using Verbatim DL +R media then that’s a very likely cause of burn failure.

I concur with TimC

I have nero 6 but I have update mine to nero the latest before they switched to nero 7