Most Silent DVD machine

Hi there,

I want to know what is the smoothest, most silent dvd burner that when playing a dvd movie makes hardly any noticable noise. I have a 1 undervolted fan system and I am really really into silence :slight_smile: knows everything but this question. I have a 109a version rubber encased Pioneer that was about 130 dollars retail. it is having some problems and needs to be replaced. It has spoiled me as far as sound volume. the sucker is less than whisper quiet

A lot of drives can be very quiet, particularly if you limit their read speeds with a program such as ‘CD Bremse’. Nero Drivespeed is another similar program, although I’ve had better luck with CD Bremse. Sorry that I mention no specific drives, but as I said limiting the drive’s speed is often the main thing in lowering their noise level.

AS a matter of fact I would stay away from such quite DVD burner since that means the burner does not have good ventilation system therefore will sound trouble by over heating and finally fast destruction.

yeah, i wondered about the rubber encased heating things up. the cds and dvds on just a read get really warm, on a burn they get hot. hm.

any quiet ones that you have used? so long as it is not making noticable noise on dvd reading, that’s about all the info I need.

Like the other users said if you reduce the burn speed the drive will quiet down but as for a quiet drive. The drive have gears and drive bay that will always make noise unless you insulated the drive from noise but then it suffer from overheating thus reducing the lifespan of the drive. Every drive has some kinda drive noise depending on what speed and quality of drive manufacture. I have a current liteon 20A1H LL06 and it has resonable burn speed and less drive noise operation compared to my older liteon 832S drive. But in the end you have to remember every drive has less or more noticeable drive noise depending on what speed your burning and how big the file is.

every liteon i have heard sounds like a lawn mower after a few months of it working. worse yet was a samsung.

going to go for a 760a plextor. at least it has some reviews of during dvd play its barely audible. someone breathing in this room is 2x as loud as my current computer setup, and its a gaming computer… hard to find someone with my standard for silence. as far as operating in dvd burn or cd burn, I could care less how loud it is as I do that not too often compared. (silence is needed for movie watching and for doing my work)

I know the benq and 111D pioneer have the best ratings, but my pioneer which is much more expensive than a 111d failed in a year and half hardly being used :(. plays dvd’s fine but sux on cd reading and it appears, cd burning.

really every lite on so how did you test all the models out there? sounds like you don’t like liteon from the start and plus benq are hard to find now so why recommend a drive you haven’t used? most if not all drive has reviews not just one particular drive as your suggesting. so rather then bias a view onto others maybe you should give a experience with a drive you had and not make claims you don’t have experience to support.

you must own a lite on

He said “Every LiteOn he has heard”, not every LiteOn available :wink:

FWIW, though I love my LiteOns dearly, when reading at high speeds they are rather loud. :wink:

Also, the LG’s I’ve owned have been pretty quiet. :wink:

I have an I/O Magic DVD-ROM drive (12X) from 7 years ago that I bought at CompUSA.
It was silent then and it’s still silent now but it’s old enough to make me nervous ( and I’ve got some extra cash ) so …
Waiting to be installed is an LG DVD-ROM, if I hear it then it goes back.
I can put up with a burner that makes noise while burning but a player had better be silent.