Most silent BluRay BD-ROM for HTPC. GGW-H20L too loud


I recently built my HTPC. Its completely silent, even at midnight, when theres no other noise around.

The only noise comes from my BluRay drive, the LG GGW-H20L.

How is your experience with other drives, maybe somebody can compare to this drive.

Will the LG GGC-H20L be more silent?

For playing in PowerDVD its not needed to spin more than 1x, so it should be at least possible to make nearly no noise.


I have the GGC and it is extremely quiet. The Lite on 401 is also. The light on the LG is most annoying. Is it louder on playback or writing? I have 5 drives and none make more noise than the system fan.

The quietest one i have come across, although i haven’t tested many, is the Pioneer BDC-S02. It’s certainly quieter than the LG, although i would not class the LG as being to noisy.


Thx for your opinions. Of course it depends on the environment. When my HTPC was in building stage, the noise was not hearable too good.

But in the dead silent living room at night. When I could not watch a movie very loud (2 children sleeping), its not acceptable.

I expect a Drive, when playing a movie to behave like a drive in a Standalone Player. I own a Toshiba A30. There I disconnected the rear fan and the drive itself makes almost no noise.

My Goal was to replace my HD-DVD player with a HTPC, because theres no silent BluRay Player. I wouldnt have thought, the the drive will be my biggest problem.


Hi again.

I ordered now all 3 drives (Pioneer, LiteOn, LG) and will simply keep the most quiet drive.

I´ll keep you informed.


Sorry I am late on this but if any of those disappoint you could give the Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM drive a try, it’s very quiet.

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2046699]Sorry I am late on this but if any of those disappoint you could give the Sony BDU-X10S BD-ROM drive a try, it’s very quiet.[/QUOTE]

Thx, I´ll keep that in mind.


I have been switching out the BD drives and I think the Sony BWU200S is the quietest out of the lot. Drives I just tested are the LG GGC-H20L, GGW-H20L, Lite-On DH401S and the ASUS BC1205PT.

Disclaimer: I tested these drives with and without my hearing aids; without the hearing aids they are all silent.


I just finished testing with the drives.

The LG GGW-H20L I already built in my work PC, because it was too loud for the HTPC anyway.

Next to try was the LiteOn DH-4O1S. At first I was disappointed, as it was a bit louder than the LG. I remebered that I read over at slysoft, that at least the Pioneer drive is not supported from the AnyDVD Speedmanagement. I thought I give it a try on the LiteOn and IT WORKS!!

The LiteOn drive with setting “Slow and Silent” operates BluRay 1x and DVD 2x (CD not tested). With BluRay its not hearable in 3 meters distance in a dead silent room. And with DVD almost not.

CD-Bremse is also working allthough I didn´t test with this very much.

I gave then the LG GGC-H20L a try, but it was as loud as the GGW and tried with it the speedmanagement, but its not supported.

The Pioneer BDC-202 I left unopened because I am happy with the LiteOn and it can´t be les audible than non-audible :slight_smile: and its not spported from speedmanagement or CD-Bremse.

So the LiteOn DH-4O1S is the ultimate HTPC BluRay drive (in combination with AnyDVD or CD-Bremse.