Most Reliable -RW Disc?

I need to replace my trusty ol’ TDK 4x - (DASH) Rewriteables soon. I have been using them for about a year, burning about 2 or 3 discs a week. I prefer the Dash (-) format to the Plus (+) as my OPPO standalone dvd player does not like + discs.

I found these Verbatim 43639 -RWs at Amazon for $30.71/25-pack spindle. I would ideally like to find a 10-pack for around $10-15 at a local store near Seattle, WA.

I picked up a 25-pack spindle of Sony DVD-RW discs today for roughly $9.50 after a 20% coupon. DVD Identifier says that they are RITEKW07 discs. I am burning a podcast today using Freemake for playback on my standalone OPPO player. My only concern with the Sony discs is the write speed: “1-2x” whereas my TDK RWs are 4x.

The Sony 2x were just too slow so I returned them to my local store. I am now looking at RiTEK RiDATA 6x RIDDVDRW25 -RW from Meritline, $18.50 for 25, plus $6.50 for Ground shipping. Reading the Meritline reviews one person said “they do not work with my DVD recorder that I use to record TV programs” and I am guessing that he means a standalone home theater recorder. I also have a Pioneer DVR-650 standalone recorder that will burn neither Dash nor Plus rewriteable discs but my PC’s burner handles 'em well.

Are there any reviews of the RIDDVDRW25 discs?