Most powerful file compressor

I am searching for a tool which can compress my files with a good compression ratio, but works with all kind of files. For example, the ZIP or RAR algorithms are very useful on compressing text, images, audio and video files, but dislike many of the others. I want a tool which can do the job with most filetypes. (not necessarily free btw)

The best seems to be the Netopsystems FEAD Optimizer, used for example by Adobe with its files. But it is not free and there is not a demoversion available… are there any others ?

Thanks in advance!

7z (7-zip) is very good and free (open source),

ACE , is very good .
ace have diferent algoritm for diferent file type.
very good ratio

iceows is nice. Even works with tgz files

arj was always very tight… just google arj.exe maybe now even gui front ends exist.

ok, strongest compression i ever saw 'til now is:
compresses even rar and zip files…

@ xtacydima
If you want to go old skool have a look for uharc, it was always superior to arj but slow. :slight_smile:

7-Zip’s Maximum LZMA mode is the tightest I’ve ever seen.

I use WinRAR which isn’t free and is very good at what it does
and i use Filzip which is free… and can open edit and make .CAB files :smiley:

If you want maximum compressability you should check out arj or UHARC. Beware these programs are no speed-demons but UHARC compress redicilously much.

Although I think 7z (7-zip) beats both arj and uharc.

I think each type of compressor was aimed at specific files, for example, arj at one time was allegidly best for exe’s, pkzip for mixed files and movies, etc…

I never toyed with 7z, uharc, or WinUHA so I didn’t want to suggest it, I only make suggestions based on personal experience, personal testing, or if it is from a reputable source.

What is it you are trying to compress exactly?

I always use WinRAR, good compression and you can make multi archives on your HD before copying them to floppies, CD’s, DVD’s etc.

I don’t understand why this future still isn’t implemented in WinZip? :confused:

Nor is WinAce for that matter…