Most popular firmware?



i was wondering whether there was one firmware more popular than the others for the nec-3500. i am trying to decide which one to try out and need a bit of advice from experienced users who have been using the firmware. btw, if a firmware says it supports bitsetting for dvd+r/dvd+r9, where do u go and specify when to change the booktype? i am supposing u can use a program to change it, but only when u have a firmware that allows u to do so.


I second this. I’m looking to replace my 451s with a nec3500a and these features are a must for me.


Most popular firmware…? Hmm, hard to tell, because there isn´t any poll on this forum anyway.
Clever of you not to ask for “best” firmware. :wink:

All firmwares are individual, we are individual and have individual interests. Some like speed, some like quality and a waste majority doesn´t even care about firmware or firmware updates.

I prefer speed and quality. Liggy/Dee´s firmware gives me quality and Quikee2´s experimental, fastest burnspeeds on this board… :cool:

The best way in this case is; you try it out by yourself. For a majority of users that dont care about speed, Liggy´s 2.18 bitsetting firmware is enough.

Change booktype…? It´s quite easy, you can even do it with Nero CD/DVD Speed.
Use your SEARCH and google. :bigsmile:

Hope this helps


thanks pinto2, appreciate your feedback :wink:


It would be interesting to find out which firmware everyone’s using. How about starting a poll?


It’d be pretty hard to poll what everyone is using now that this forum went from:

“F/W of the Month”, to:
“F/W of the Week”, to:
“F/W of the Day”, and now:
“F/W of the Hour”, who could keep up with it? :wink: :wink: :wink:


I understand your plight (been there myself :)) but it’s hard to say as the firmwares change quite often. At the moment I’m using Liggy/Dee’s latest one which is has been the best one I’ve used so far.


The best has been said by Pinto2 so far. By suggesting taking poll there would create an atmosphere of ill fleeing among these who have work hard, has spent their time, money and resources to come up with the way to improve the burning process to satisfy all and some time on individual needs. We all must be grateful to these people (Liggy, Dee, Quikee, TDB and many people who have spent all these effort in countless hours provided test and analysis to help Modders). Each mod is valuable to all of depending to our individual needs at time of using it.