Most original New Year's wishes



Today I received a very original well wishing from a client…
Pardon the language, I tried to translate it as literally as possible:

For 2009 I wish you all the best. Luck, Love, blah blah blah
It is all bullshit! Away with that crap! I wish you incredible shags, onforgetable orgasms and thousends of those nights. I wish that you only have to work half as much and earn twice as much and you win the lottery.

If you forward this to 10 people, abolutely nothing will happen, but you will at least make one person smile.

Best wishes to you

I am curious about the most original best wishes you received (or sent) for 2009…

And I wish you all the quoted message of course :wink:


That was good…made me smile!

I tidied it up a tad and sent it on to at least 20 of my friends, so that twice as much of absolutely nothing will happen, and guess what…I´ve already received confirmation that three have smiled, so it really works.

Thanks :wink:


That rocks :clap:…I’ll have to do some tidying up myself and send it out to a few people. :bigsmile:

I imagine the “I wish that you only have to work half as much…” bit didn’t go down too well with you though, Tax :wink:


yeah yeah…but I want to read others…

Come on people, share yours…