Most meaningful numbers for predicting quality playback experience?

There seem to be a GAZILLION different measures for describing different aspects of how well a burn went:

PI Total
PI Peak
PI Avg
PIF Total
PIF Peak
POF Total
Quality Rating
Sector CRC read errors??
etc., etc.

I want to know something more subjective.

Which number or numbers best predict whether the average DVD player will play a particular disc with relatively little skipping?

If you eliminate all the obscure forms of copy protection beyond CSS that can cause skipping and playback problems, what numbers are the best indicators of problem free playback?

Imgburn’s ‘verify’ ?..
Or are you looking for guarantees?

The only test I’ve ever run is the Transfer Rate Test and I only do that about once a month because my burner is pretty dated and I’m sure it will start to fail at some point. So far so good after 2000+ burns. :slight_smile:

Play “that particular disc” in your DVD player, if it works, it works.

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2233176]Or are you looking for guarantees?[/QUOTE]
You mean, like “Vista Capable”?

Or, for those a bit older, Win95C’s “USB Ready”?

No guarantees, thank you.

I’d just love to be able to predict which burned (or pressed!) media error would generate a “stumble” with gentle recovery, versus restarting the entire movie, versus identifying discs which were unplayable beyond a given point.


I look at the PIF spikes and if you have ‘clumps’ and they are over 8 - then there will be pixelization and choppy playback in that area - and if real severe will freeze the movie - IME.

However - since I started using Taiyo Yuden +R 8x and Verbatim +R and -R 16x discs - I have never had a bad burn - understanding that I have a dedicated burnin computer (specs below) and do not do ANY other activities while ripping and burning DVD’s-eh!!

(btw - a sharp spike at the very start of a disc will not cause poor playback-IME)

None of the PI/PO/Jitter values can tell you that the disc is playable in a DVD player.

You can have the most beautiful scan in the Universe, and your disc can still be unplayable in a picky DVD player.

If you get really bad PI/PO/Jitter values, that could be an indication that you will have problems playing the disc in a DVD player, but not necessarily so.

A better prediction is to find a combination of media, burner, firmware and burning speed that produces a disc that is generally playable in your DVD players, and then use Disc Quality Scans and Transfer Rate Tests to test for the occasional bad burn.

No guarantees, thank you.

I’d just love to be able to [B]predic[/B]t

Sounds to me like you [I]do[/I] want guaranteed results…Good luck!
How about, using the highly [B]reliable[/B] media(s), most of us use, around these parts,with very good results…See Bigmike7 post above…
As Dragemester stated,
“You can have the most beautiful scan in the Universe, and your disc can still be unplayable in a picky DVD player.”

Have a great unpredictable day! :wink:

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2233432]Sounds to me like you [I]do[/I] want guaranteed results[/QUOTE]Why want something you can NEVER have?

It would just be nice to know that if you get a Parity Outer Failure (for instance):

  1. You should expect a significant BURP from your DVD player, OR,

  2. Most players will completely stall and refuse to seek beyond that point.

There’s a difference between a statement of probability, and an absolute guarantee.

Yes indeed…Use a decent burner and reliable media, and you’ll ‘[I]probably[/I]’ achieve a successful burn…
Nuff said, at least on my behalf…:slight_smile: