Most major studios back off ICT downscaling on next gen DVDs

I just posted the article Most major studios back off ICT downscaling on next gen DVDs.

  Just over  a week of Sony making  the announcement that they will not use the Image Constraint Token (ICT)  flag in their Blu-ray movies, Universal, Paramount, Disney and Twentieth  Century Fox...
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Is just another way to make customers spend much more $$$ buying twice the same thins. As will be with a lot of HD movies that will not benefit much from the HD upsampling because they where not made with in HD from the beginning. Nothing new here…

another attempt to kill dvd; don’t be fooled as they can always put the restriction flag anytime. for the initial batches of movies, not many would not understand what they need to get the hd-picture when consumer finds that hd-dvd/bd movies are only as good as dvd, they would not buy hd dvd/bd which would cause them to stick with dvd that they don’t want but have to use, unfortunately for them :wink: long live dvd

Remove the provision for the flag from the AACS spec and maybe we’ll consider it. Until then, eat me.

Sounds like cunning but wise step from the industry. I mean the bestbuy reps wont have to learn to read manuals and whatever A/V connectors they mix up this time around, itll still get em something positive on the screen. Of cource, theyll be showing “the meltdown” for the most part, but that is another HD topic.

I agree with Dick Rivett. The ICT flag needs to be removed from the ASCC software specifications. Otherwise this is just a bait and switch gimmick. They are finally realizing that if the early adopters do not buy their CRAP format both Blu-ray and HD-DVD will be dead on arrival. So they are dangling this carrot out in front of the early adopters to get them to purchase their expensive 1st generation players. Once one of the two formats becomes the new standard the movie studios will quietly start using the ICT Flag and leave the early adopters high and dry. :X