Most intuitive P2P software?

Hi guys,

Which would you say is the most intuitive P2P software still in business? I used to like bittorrent, but all of my original link sites are down.

DC ++ and Limewire

I just downloaded DC++. However, how do I know which hub to use? Is there a “table of content” somewhere? Can I perform a search on ALL hubs all at once?

[Elit]Power, my favorite, or any of the [Elit] hubs. Infinity network or Light network are all good one’s to start with. Depending what you are looking for. When you d/l the hub list look at how many users are in the hub. The more users will usually tell you the favorite hub/s

eMule is very easy to use and plenty of sites for it too.

Hello, Tigerman8u

I used too have the 2 hubs elit network and elit power as my favo¨rite, but the owner decided that he should shut down the whole network of some stupid reason that makes no sense, so i was wondering if you knew the name of the owner and had his e-mailaddress so that i could e-mail him and talk with him, and if i am lucky, convice him to re-open the whole network? i would be very happy if you could reply too this question, you can e-mail me at:

Now talk about resurecting a dead thread. Did you look at the date of this one mate? :bigsmile: Mind you I have done it myself before.

lol Last I heard the RIAA were going after DC++ maybe people got scared and closed their servers?


have you been on the Elit Network before, there are almost nobody that speaks of the Elit Network. But i think that the hubs elit network and elit power was the best hubs on dc++ ever, dc++ are not the same whitout that network, so if someone could please try too get the e-mailaddress of the owner or something like that it would be great.

Belive it or not, Warez P2P. It is great. It has high speeds and great results. OH ya a mostly bittorrent.

DC++ sucks. Try RevConnect instead. Peer to peer without multidownload capabilities is just stupid.

Anyway, I wouldn’t call either of them intuitive. You have to set them up extensively and the whole hub affair isn’t really very straightforward.

I’d go for limewire/frostwire.