Most Functional LiteON firmware

My brand spanking new 24x LiteOn will be arriving tomorrow, and I am anxious to get “busy” with it. (no sexual innuendo intended…I am, after all, a man of the cloth!) At any rate, I dont know what the best firmware is for it. Does it come supplied with firmware, or is it plug-n-play? (Or are those two very different things?)

If any of you could let me know what version you use in your normal dealings with todays protection schemes, I would be very grateful.

Eternal Thanks

firmware is the sofware inside your writer… if there was no firmware inside your writer, you writer would be a piece of dead hardware :slight_smile:

Rule of thumb for firmware:

If the current firmware does everything you want and you don’t encounter any problems, stick with this firmware! It is no use upgrading firmware just because you want the latest version!

More info on firmware can be found on the CD-Recordable FAQ