Most easy to use DVD / HDD Video Recorder?

I’m looking into a DVD Recorder for someone who has zero experience with computers and close to zero experience with electronic equipment (TV, Microwave, Dish Washer, Washing Machine). So the biggest challenge is to find a DVD Recorder that is so easy to use that it won’t be a big challenge to learn how it works. I assume that DVD Video Recorders are not really matured so can someone advice me a device that is so easy to use that someone who is almost afraid of buttons still can use?

Sometimes we are slow to answer… but we try.

Concerning your question: IMO for the purpose you have mentioned:

  1. There is no need to buy a DVD Recorder with HDD (maybe difficult for the person to handle the process of recording and burning).
  2. Practical to decide on a device that can record + and - media (thus the person won’t have problems choosing and buying a special type of media).

I would suggest: