Most compatible media for 5005

I’m having no problems writing to about 20 tdk 8x dvd+r dvd’s and they play back in 3 of my 4 players.

These disks are not on the official list so it is not surprising that a somewhat older player gives me an “invalid disk error”.

My question is what media is most likely to work on the most players. My home movies are going to a variety of relatives with probably 30 dvd players of all kinds.

Is DVD+R more forgiving or is dvd-r? Are slower speed media more likely to work around the world then higher speed?

Anyway’s heres the recommeded list and wonder if anyone has any recommendations? :flower:

Old but good discussion about formats:

I think if you must support old DVD players such as the Apex and Sony, you will need to use an approved DVD-R disc.

I have tried several Mfg. of disks with some problems with all and the Ridata 4X
DVD-R, after 40 or so disks, produced no problems.

Note much of the media brand names are made by someone else to check try,

LiteOn in an email to me also stated to use the media recommended for the 5006 for the 5005, when I told them the recommended list for the 5005 was outdated.

It’s here