Most compatible firmware for LDW-451S for DVD-R's?

Well, I got a bunch of DVD-R’s to go through here now since I thought that was the way to go before buying my 451S. Little did I know! At any rate, since I’m going to use them up what is the most compatible firmware for the LDW-451S and DVD-R’s? With the GBS7 I have to slow the burn down to 2x or 1x (Can’t run at 4x and 2x can be a tad on the iffy side…) to make a DVD Backup compatible in my Stand-alone DVD-Rom Drive. Now mind you - practically anything I toss at the XBox runs and loads flawlessly (unmodded xbox which really surprises me that it can handle DVD-R media so well)… any suggestions? Should I go back to GSB6 or stay with 7? I’ll be using a mix of DVD-R’s. I have a few Memorex 4’s left, a decent stack of generic 4x Sky -R media left, and have a 50 pack of Ritek’s 4x -R’s on the way. What are your thoughts and opinions? I’m just looking for compatibility with DVD-R’s at the moment and am not concerned too much about +R at this time.

This forum rocks, so much helpful information, thank you all for being here. :slight_smile:

Try my new speedhacked firmware. It will automatically upgrade your drive to an LDW-851S. I have just updated it so that it will write MCC00RG200, RITEKG03, and MXLRG01 -R at 4x.

Download Here!

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I find GSB6 the best for -R (Ritek G04)

Better than any other 451s or hacked 851s firmware I’ve tried.

For RitekG04 , GSB6@451 is best
For general DVD-R media , GS0C(451@851) can handle most DVD-r include RitekG04

For DVD+R , GS0F(451@851) is recommended.

Thanks for the information guys. Drive seems to be working well with the Speedhack posted above (Thanks terminalvelocd!). I’ll keep in mind the other firmware but as long as the drive is running smooth on the 851S I’ll just upgrade firmware as new ones are released and see if they get things ironed out better. Of course, next batch of DVD media I get will most likely be +R. :slight_smile:

while we are at it… which fw gives best quality -R burnings on ORIGINAL 851s?


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[B]while we are at it… which fw gives best quality -R burnings on ORIGINAL 851s?

thanks [/B]

Not GS0F. Probably GS0H, GS0C, GS0A, or maybe GS08. I’d go with GS0H, unless you plan to also burn at lot of overspeed Ricoh +R discs.

No, but I plan to burn a lot of 4x MCC’s @ 8X… (Verbatim +R)