Most Compatible DVD-R For DVD Players

Im after a quality DVD-R that is comaptible in all DVD players. I have recently been using Grey Datawrite disks but they have been discontinued after a large faulty batch.

I never had any problems with these disks but I am now using a media made by EMTEC. These have only caused problems in my own DVD player and not friends but I am after a DVD-r that can be played back in any DVD player.

The copys on the EMTEC disks jump during playback.


Taiyo Yuden.

RiDisc (G04 dye) never had a problem with them burning at 8x (And I use a lot!), Not tried the new RiDisc with G05 dye but avoid the ‘blue’ coloured RiDisc as it is a mix of totally different manufacturers from what I have heard.

The best one is the one that works. Players can be very picky, and may decide for themselves what works best. Personally, I would get get a cheap newer player that doesn’t care what you feed it, then buy any media you like. This approach is often cheaper too.

Avoid Ridisc in general as Ridisc is B-Grade/C-Grade crap that is distributed by E-net. It is not an official Grade A Ritek disc like they claim. Anyways in the UK I would recommend Traxdata as they are an official Grade A Ritek label. :wink:

{DV 3178} Datasafe 8x DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25

The latest version of the Datasafe DVD-R.

This 8x disc replaces the very popular Datasafe branded 4x DVD-R.

what does everyone think of these?

Well I have had no problems with RiDisc GO4 & 5 dyes. Both have been more compatable than other discs I have tried, including Verbatum (though I couild not say if these are the same talked about by others as I have only been able to get the made in Tiwan ones).

Ritek is the best value for money and most compatible after Verbatim. I use Traxdata and Ridata as they are Riteks own brand names.