Most Compatible DVD Player?

I have three GE1101P DVD players. They are fine players, but they wont do low bit rate mp3s (I like to listen to old time radio shows in mp3 format and most are in low bitrates) and they are VERY picky on what burnt media they will play.

Since the Riteks have been variable I bought some TY -R discs and they are KProbing fine, but one of my players is being picky and showing some pixels and stuff with them.

Ok, enough is a enough - players are cheap, media is not!

What are the suggestions for a nice burnt media friendly player?


i would suggest checking any model you consider here

and since internals change and model numbers do not always you may need to do some testing so buy from someone who will take it back if needed.

It may be hard to find an answer to that question, as most reviewers test for highest bitrate. There are some brick and mortar stores that have live demo models. You can bring your recorded media and test it out before you buy it. I have never done it myself, but other people have done it.

PS. You’re smart to use the TY with the GE1101’s…I have one and it is quite picky…I’ve used Maxell 4x (MXLRG02’s) with great success…and they’re a little more reasonable pricewise. Lately they’ve been much easier to find (in the States anyway).