Most compatible burner with TY


What is the most compatible burner with Taiyo Yuden media according to all the scan results?

Thank you.

There’s a few TY media codes as you probably know. Which are you interested in?

I should also say that you can start off and have a look for yourself by searching the Optical Drives forum with the relevant TY MID.

Yo jason-

I have had very good results with a variety of LiteOns and TY 8x T02 +R medias-eh!!

Well what’s the best TY media to get TYg03 or TYg02?
I want reallyl ong lasting media.

So is a LiteOn statistically the best burner for TY media?

Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:
In theory the Plextor (genuine) drives should be ideal.
They worked closely together.
But they are scarce & for most considered expensive.
You need to state if you have a preference for IDE or SATA.
Currently I would go with the Samsung SH-S203(B)(N), for SATA option.
The Pioneer DVR-115D for IDE.
As for whether 8x or 16x.
Personally I go with 16x. It gives the speed for short term projects. But obviuously allows lower burn rates.
I suspect the majority of folk would go with 8x rated though.
The latest generation burners get very good results with this media, even at 12x.
So in reality maybe price is the only significance.

I found the BenQ 1620 to be a very good burner.
Am using a Pioneer 112D now but its no good for scanning.
Are plextor good for scanning and burning and give honest results in quality scores?
What Plextor model number should i go for and what quality scores am i likely to get with 8x burns?

Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:
Plextor’s are excellent scanners.
But you have to use PlexTools really. Plus as they only scan for one thing at a time. Takes ages. As a a result even folk with Plextors, often use BenQ or Lite-On for a quick scan.
My favourite Plextors are the 716 & 760.
The 760 is still available (just) in the UK.
If you are happy with the Pioneer 112 (no reason IMO why you shouldn’t be).
Then perhaps a Lite-On would be the most practical, if scanning required.
The latest 20x models seem OK.
I have the LH-20A1§&(S). Just for scanning mainly.
I use a 203B & 203B for reading/ripping & writing.
LG GSA H62N for writing at lower speeds (mainly 8x).
The Pioneer 115 is relatively recent & replaces a 112D. Will mainly be used for writing, especially D/L.

Thanks very much for the info mate,

So to get the best burns with Taiyo Yuden media i’m best off with LiteOn or Plextor burners?
Also to get the best accurate results you say LiteOn’s are the best for scanning right and plextors?
I always burn my DVD’s at the slowest speed because i want them to last asl ong as possible, i heard somewhere that even burning them at the slowest speed isn’t a good idea, is that true? When i go and buy this plextor or LiteOn whats the best speed should i burn at to make the media last the longest?

From the information given to you above, I don’t think you can get the conclusion that “i’m best off with LiteOn or Plextor burners” when using TY media. Taiyo Yuden works well in the vast majority of burners, and will be very good in your Pioneer 112.

Get a Lite-on if you want to do scans, or a Samsung 203B or 203N. You’d have to adjust a registry setting to get the Samsungs to work with Nero CD/DVD Speed quality scans, but that isn’t hard and the steps are listed in the Samsung subforum. K-Probe should work with those Samsungs too.

With modern 16x media, you shouldn’t burn at the slowest speed. 8x or 12x is usually a good choice. I tend to burn everything at 8x, especially TY media that is rated at that speed.

I’d say that most burners will do very nicely with Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD media and most recent burners will do nicely with Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD media.

No single burner is [I]the[/I] best for all TY media in my experience, but LiteOns and Pioneers are at the top when it comes to burning TY DVD media. True Plextor drives (PX-760/755/716/712) and Nexperia based BenQ drives are also very good at burning TY; the true Plextor drives and Nexperia based BenQ drives are no longer being manufactured, however.

I’m fairly sure noone has made a statisticial analyis of burn quality for TY media on all available burners; getting opinions from the members here at CDFreaks is probably the closest you’re gonna get.

[quote=Kerry56;1942558]With modern 16x media, you shouldn’t burn at the slowest speed. 8x or 12x is usually a good choice. I tend to burn everything at 8x, especially TY media that is rated at that speed.[/quote] I mostly agree with this. I have very few examples of burns being better at speeds higher than 8x. On some drives 6x is a little better. Very few 16/18/20x drives improve burn quality for TY 8x/16x media when burning at 4x and slower and some of them burn with lesser quality at these slow burning speeds.

Excellent than you very much.
I think i might end up going for the LiteOn. Can you tell me a model number too?
Should i firmware flash it aswell? So LiteOn will give good accurate scans too yeah? Will i get quality scans of over 95 usually if i burn TYg03 at 8x?

Howl ong should these DVD’s last if they’re untouched and just used to store?
It’s not 100 years isit? lol
Isit usually around 10 or 20?

Thank you.