Most common copy problems with WC3

I have been trying to copy WarCraft 3 and out of about 5 CD’s only got one working copy that was able to install but would come up with a war3.exe has crashed whenever I tried to start it up so I had to install Daemon Tools to emulate the SecuROM protection in order to play it.

Here’s what had I gone through using my TDK 24/10/40B CDRW using 80 min TDK CD-R’s, with the working CD, I used BlindWrite and read the CD at min 1X and max 8X to an image file with Subcodes and Alternate read checked, then burned it back at either 1X or 2X (don’t remember) on to a blank CD-R the copy loaded up and installed correctly. I tried again to rip the image with similiar settings and burn to another CD-R and had the problem with my CD-RW drive struggling to read it (the motor spinning up and down, light blinking like crazy, laser trying to reposition itself, etc.) although I did get mixed results on a friends comp from reading the CD.

With CloneCD, I tried with the game settings and some of the recommended settings suggested on the board reading/writing with 1X and read subcodes and 1 of the CD’s again had the problem of struggling to read in the drive reporting a “corrupt” file according to the install program and with another CD I made having mixed results.

I also tried with BlindWrite on my friends using various settings with his Lite-On 24/10/40 CD-RW and both the CD’s I made from his comp came had the “struggling” problem and reporting a “corrupt” file according to the install.

Hope this info helps some people. If someone made a working copy of the game, then post the settings, program used, CD-RW drive, and CD media used. Or post the specific problem with the copied game not working for you (ie. struggling to read, blank cd, read errors, etc).