Most clichéd kind of article ever?

It just strokes me on how many completely useless paraphrases of that kind of article (why we have to change the clock on easter) we see every year in virtually every medium I can think of. There is also “what do give out as a gift for your loved one for Christmas, mother’s day, easter, or (insert commercial holiday here?)?”, and then we learn for the thousant goddamn time that restaurants are expensive, chocolate makes you fat, roses are very short lived, electronical devices are expensive and on how consumerism sucks and is useless and ultimately, we just have to give out vouchers for time and other special activities that does not require you to pay a cent. I’d like the originality, but if someone ever did that to me I think I’d just be DEPRESSED. :slight_smile:

Any others? I’m sure you have many in mind already. :wink:

EDIT: dammit I lost the link for that easter time change article (it’s on MSN but I cannot find back the link)