Most annoying thing about stereotypical newbies

sometimes… i hate them… i know i’ve been one… but i hate them… depens on my amount of coffee and other mysterious factors.

I went for the last option because I wanted to chose almost all options. :wink:

Originally posted by dansmug
I went for the last option because I wanted to chose almost all options. :wink:

Same here…

Poll adapted :slight_smile:

When I was a newbie, forums weren’t very popular yet, so I had to go out and find things out for myself.

But of course, that was back when the world was flat, and the earth was the centre of the universe, and kids were still allowed to be disciplined from their parents.

Damn I feel old. I guess a few months in tech support really does make you a veteran!

Those who never use the :slight_smile:



They think every piece of software is free

What!! It’s not?? Which do you have to pay for??? OMFG!!11!

Originally posted by iamrocket
What!! It’s not?? Which do you have to pay for??? OMFG!!11!

Only Linux.

Only Linux.

WHEW! :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I was in trouble there for a minute…

All software is free if you know where to look. Hmm, wait I shouldnt post that. I hate the n00bs who keep on cross-posting. Gets annoying seeing the same thread in every freakin forum…:a

New users should use the :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Airhead
New users should use the :slight_smile:

Whehehe LOLOLOLOL!!!

Needless to say what I think…I think :bigsmile:

I can’t believe my eyes. The majority of the people that has voted, selected the “all of the above” answer, but that implies that you think the software is not free, and I can’t believe you guys think that XD. Ciao.

Let’s not forget that they often phrase questions like:
“My burner is not working, please help”
“How do I set up my own network?”
“Can I back up SIMS?”
“My system crashes, why?”

All questions are stand alone questions, of course without providing any relevant information such as operating system, hardware setup and other software used.

These posts are often introduced by lame ass topics as “Please help”, “Urgent” or “Need help”, hence, no clue what the post is about whatsoever.

And finally, but this is for a large part covered in the above-mentioned options, the ‘hit-and-run’ tactic. They ask a question and you never see them again, regardless of the number of helpful posts. Never a thank you or any other sign of gratitude.

It is for these people the fees mentioned by Taxieboy a while back should be really enforced :wink:

or there’s this question,

The latest warez version of this or that doesn’t work, please help.

Or “Can I overlock my 24102B?”…

Or “Can I overlock my 24102B?”…

ooooh can I??? I didnt know… hey everybody, alexnoe says I can!! woot!! Can I make it a 48X???

by the way me too, me too!!

Post a link to the illegal firmware, puleeeze…

YOu can FTP to my warez server!!!

:wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the “How do I overclock my 24102B?” people are worse :slight_smile: