Most annoying thing about Moderators / Administrators

We have a thread about annoying things about Newbies, so why not start a thread about annoying things about Moderators / Admins?

What do you think is most annoying about our moderators and admins? You don’t have to mention names to which a certain comment is directed (we can probably figure that out easily on our own anyway :wink: ).

Is it their stuck up behaviour, is it their continuous hammering on the search, is it that they think they are above us and they can dictate their ways to us or is it that they can get away with things the rest of us can’t (polluting the forum for example :wink: )? Or are they simply perfect and nothing is annoying about them (as if :bigsmile: )

Since I am too lazy to make a poll, I’ll let you come up with your own creativity and reply in writing (or are you afraid you will no longer be lost in anonimity, don’t worry, admins can see who voted what anyway)

They are arrogant

They think they know everything , like they possess some high iq or something… really annoying.

They don’t brag about their powers in public but i suspect they have special forums where they gossip about other people

Some think certain products are just crap and people should invest more in quality products ; like we have infinite cash !?

They make users scared by using that police emoticon always

They constantly tell you to do legal stuff and they themselves are the biggest hackers on the forum

They keep requiring you to live up by the rules but they can get away with it if they don’t. What kind of principle is that anyway ?

They’re stupid

and last

They think it’s nice to make everything look funny so that they don’t feel stupid and arrogant themselves , since they came up with it first before anyone else could make a good remark about their postings…

They won’t let me curse out dribble :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The 3 most popular words in their lexicon :

FAQ ( which in their meaning stands for oh, f_ck off ! )


hey mr. b! what do you think youre doing posting in here…youre gunna get yourself in trouble with the noobs! :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Smart@$$
Or are they simply perfect and nothing is annoying about them (as if :bigsmile: )
Yes yes yes … :slight_smile:

Originally posted by BoSkin
FAQ ( which in their meaning stands for oh, f_ck off ! ) [/COLOR]

:bigsmile: [/B]

Welllll, only partially. (It also means “oh, why do we bother?”) :wink:

Wrong question.

The Administrators and Moderators in CD Freaks site including the forum do what are required for the site. The rules and guidelines are for the benefit of everyone really.

The relationship between forum administrators and “newbies” is not the same as that between government and people or between employers and employees.

All those negative points about the so-called newbies are about their general attitudes in using the forum boards. If you want to fairly compare a group of individuals with another, then study the way those individual members with Administrator and Moderator status use the forum. Newbies with those qualities usually do not have the same degree of responsibility either.

Quite funny… out of 8 posts (excluding mine) 4 posts are done by a mod:)

The most annoying thing? Their ability to close threads, from the moment it gets really nice, they close it :bigsmile:

It all depends on which forum you’re talking about and how I feel about the forum. This forum’s pretty relax and you can really tell who’s the mod and who’s not. Places like gamefaqs is notorious for having super anal mods who delete your posts for suggesting an alternative that opposes their view. lamers.

Then there are mods who close “where can i download xxx” - threads instead of deleting them :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny how it is mostly mods posting on this thread. Self reflection time? :wink:

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
Quite funny… out of 8 posts (excluding mine) 4 posts are done by a mod:)

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
Funny how it is mostly mods posting on this thread. Self reflection time?

Hey, I said that first :wink:

Incurring the wrath of them can sometimes lead to mocking.

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
Quite funny… out of 8 posts (excluding mine) 4 posts are done by a mod:)

all other threads were removed of course :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Dee-ehn

Hey, I said that first :wink: [/B]

Sorry, was posting while watching spiderman :slight_smile: I was distracted to say the least.

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman

Sorry, was posting while watching spiderman :slight_smile: I was distracted to say the least. [/B]

This maybe a good point for our very new set of rules: never post during a good movie, since it may damage the qaulity of your posts, resulting in a waste of harddrive space :slight_smile:

ah well:p

At the risk of repeating other comments or the mods/admins confessions I will reiterate or add these observations:

Powers of elucidation and verbal analysis limited to “crap” in all of its variations (crappy, etc.). This misused and overused word adds nothing to an intelligent discussion. If Knowledge is Power, this is the language of the mental weakling. And no, I am not suggesting that they expand their vocabulary by using “suck, suckz, sucky, etc” instead.:cool:

Overbearing, arrogant, or hostile behavior by some, especially to new(er) members.:cop:

Endless and rude hammering on the “Search” as the simple answer to all questions. Sometimes using the search is difficult and inefficient. If the necessary search terms are not known or phrased properly it can be a time consuming and fruitless exercise. If a respondent really wanted to be helpful, he could suggest the search terms to use for the search and test this terms himself before posting it to see that it brings up the desired results. Excessive use of the “Search” answer indicates the same laziness that may be falsely projected on the questioner.

World’s Greatest Authority On All Things attitude, going on a tangent (off topic) to incompetently criticize a source that has an authoritative and comprehensive explanation of a subject.:wink:

Hypocrisy regarding illegal downloads, copy protection, etc. This takes the form of a “holier than thou” stance of moral superiority. The reason illegal links and hacks, etc. are not allowed on forums is that they will be closed if they don’t comply with legal requirements. Pressure from ISP’s due to complaints from software companies can close a site in no time and the operators know this. This doesn’t change what members are doing. They just can’t talk about it. :cool:

The need to be “right”. This forum is about enhancing knowledge. It is for seekers of knowledge, not a platform for rigidly dogmatic opinions. It is not a debating society where winning an argument is everything and it is impossible to change our minds and admit that the opposing position has merit and we have learned something. Admittedly, it is human nature to want to be right and we are somewhat competitive in that regard, but how do we learn if we are always already “right”. We can’t, because we are mired in an untenable position, and the overweening ego binds us. :confused:

Always having to have the last word. Rather childish, sort of like “shut up”, “you shut up”, “no, you shut up”.:frowning:

Rigid, dogmatic, undescriptive opinions on hardware and software. Intel is wonderful, VIA is crap. Anybody that buys Plextor instead of Lite-on is crazy. Nero is wonderful, Sleazy CD Creator is crap. Packet Writing is crap. **** media is crap media. This black or white, love or hate world view is contradicted by millions of users who use the badmouthed products happily and successfully for their own reasons and requirements. In fact, a person who has proven unsuccessful in using hardware or software is the least qualifed person to give advice on how to use it and the last person who should be listened to. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand, to be fair, there are mods/admininstrators who are truly excellent. They are extremely knowledgeable without flaunting it, unfailingly patient, helpful, fair, courteous, and generally treat people in the same way that they would like to be treated. In my opinion, the most important attribute of a mod/admin is his demeanor, and not his knowledge.:slight_smile:

moderator: Someone who mediates disputes and attempts to avoid violence.

Unfortunately, some moderators are better at disputing than mediating, and require a moderator themselves to handle their arguments.:bigsmile:

Must have been the bit in the rain, where she kissed spidey and did the little bounce of joy. MMMMmmmmmm. Nipple heaven!

The thing I that really pisses me off about moderators is the number of posts they do, which means that they have way too much free time on their hands. I hate being an elec engineer.

I propose one more poll.

Do moderators have a life?

  1. Yes, and a girlfriend too ( 0 votes anticipated )
  2. No.
  3. A Life? What’s that?
  4. Maybe, but can’t stop to reply, busy typing inane sentence fragments that can be viewed by people just like me in real time over the internet.
  5. Too busy to reply cos of deleting Debros’ posts and removing his user account.