Moses Avalon: Websites will change their tune if P2P becomes a felony

Moses Avalon: Websites will change their tune if P2P becomes a felony.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Long-time recording engineer and producer Moses Avalon has worked with Grammy winners and written books. He currently contributes at several mainstream publications. Considered an expert in his field, Avalon's knowledge of the inner workings of the music biz is immense. His history as an active industry member during the tumultuous early years of internet music-sharing and current stint as an advocate for artist rights provides him with insight few others could boast. And according to Avalon, a federal law that makes P2P file sharing a felony would have far-reaching consequences not just for pirates but websites like

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Umm how can you make p2p illigal? It’s a file distribution method. Yah the content can be illegal, but the tech itself isn’t illeglal, can be used for both good and bad.

It’s like deeming google as illegal because people can find illegal content via the search engine…

You are right Zod, also the only reason P2P is popular for pirating is because of the ease of use. There are many other methods of sharing copy-written works eg irc, newsgroups and FTP. Also who knows what innovations will be created if P2P were to end.

P2P is used by the Federal Government through a lot of different agencies. Just because it is p2p doesn’t mean it’s all illegal data, or does it?

If you believe the RIAA and MPAA it is all illegal.

I’m probably sure in all that fine print, it probably states that you are in violation for tearing the plastic shrink wrap off a newly purchased cd or dvd.