Moserbaer or sony cdr

hey there… i would like to know wat u guys recommend between the 2 brands…
i basically want it for audio cd’s…
which lasts longer and is better???
the MID for the moserbaer cdr is 97m17s06f
the MID for the sony one is 97m24s16f

I have had great results with moserbaer (staples printable) but I do not know how good the longevity is.

Neither, IMHO. Their quality control is very inconsistent - and usually poor. (This assumes that the Sony CD-R’s are made by Lead Data in Taiwan.)

I have also had great results with MBI cd-rs (TDK branded)
I’m not really careful with my cd-rs, I’ll burn a mix cd, listen to it a couple of times then throw it in the center console (or if I’m in the house I have a box on my desk) with no case. occasionally I will dig one out and listen to it again, and I’ve never had an MBI fail on me, even when they are dusty and scratched to hell after ~1 year or so :bigsmile:

great for budget media IMO (why would I want to spend $25/100 on TY when I just trash them?)

If at all, go for Sony CD-R.

MBI is so prone to degradation, I’m not going to touch their CD-R for any data required to live for more than a month… :frowning:

Don’t forget that some Sony CD-R media can be MBI as well.

Make sure those Sony CD-R are real and not Made In Hong Kong fakes .

how can i find that out???

Just check the spindle , it is stated ther : Made In Hong Kong .
It is very poor media with PLASMON MID