Moser Baer? Who is it?

I just bought Verbatim brand CD-R(52x, 700MB with Extra Protection Surface) media manufactured by Moser Baer! Who is Moser Baer? I never used Moser Baer brand medias before. Is Moser Baer a good manufacturer? Are Moser Baer`s CD-R medias good quality? Thanks very much!

They are an Indian manufacturer used by Verbatim to produce their discs. They have to meet Verb quality standards before the Verbatim name can be put on them though.

This is Extra Protection, and as those are Extra Protection they only need to meet their own quality standards. They also produce the Super Azo media exclusively since 2004.

Moser Baer’s CD-R media with their own code is okay, but might have a shorter life expectancy because they do not use any lacquer to protect the aluminum or silver. It’s better than CMC, though.

And we all know Indian Manufcaturers of media are regarded as having high quality control standards :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

OK, time for me to big up the TDK MBIPG101 R04s again :bigsmile:…burn very nicely, and so far, they’ve lasted very well :bigsmile:

The RITEKG05s burn very nicely too - And by lasted very well what do you mean, 2 weeks ? 3 weeks ? :slight_smile:

I prefer Taiwanese media manufacturers to Indians! I always use Philips branded Ritek CD-R medias and i think; they are not too bad…

The difference is that MBI discs showed excellent stability in c’t tests!
Sure, I also prefer MIT over MII, but not everything MBI is bad, now most drives have decent firmware support and this should no longer be an issue. Of course it’s not as good as TY or MCC but it’s okay for everyday use…

Bah :p…nearly two years, I’ll have you know. Cheeky monkey. :wink:

moser baer is yogi baers cousin in india :wink:

yup, raised by the Jetsons :bigsmile:

Seriously though, I do wonder what the name “Moser Baer” means. Is it based on someone’s name or is it some term? I was quite amused when I found out that the brand “Acme” (the classic brand in the old roadrunner cartoons) means “the best”.

Hehe, very good question, karangguni…I never thought about it til you mentioned it, now I wonder too :slight_smile:

Moser Baer was founded by a Swiss company making clocks. :wink:
The Swiss company is now called Mobatime and makes clocks for railway stations and special purposes.

but they claim something different

protective layer + additional layer

This is just the equivalent of Verbatim’s Crystal… :frowning:

What’s wrong with Verbatim’s Crystal (Super AZO) CD-R media?

I find it to be excellent quality media, and it’s more scratch resistant (on the top surface) than other CD-R media I have tried.

No, there’s nothing wrong with Crystal, but it’s no protection for the metal reflective layer (silver or aluminum) which is used, since MBI does not apply lacquer on their CDs.

Not so sure about the laquer thingie.
If you mean the sides.
Some of my MBIL imations do have something that looks like viscous material which is floated over the sides.

Also Not sure if it’s better as CMC.

Because my CMC made verbatim azo media is the only of the 2 that so far has survived. With both (CMC and MBIL) I have seen problems with cyanine and pthalocyanine dye’s .

ERm, how they made their way into the optical media industry and becoming an India based company instead?