Moser Baer or Fuji Film?

Hi All!

This is my first post at I am relatively new to DVDs and don’t know much about the technical details. I recently bought some Moser Baer DVD-Rs (labeled Moser Baer Pro) from my local vendor. But when I tested the disc quality I noticed that the MID read as FUJIFILM03. Can someone please tell me what this means? Who has manufactured these discs - Moser Baer or Fuji Film? Logic would suggest that Moser Baer must be the manufacturer. But what’s the idea behind the Fuji Film MID? I would appreciate some light being thrown on this issue.

Thanks in advance!!

Moser Baer’s discs do not have a universally recognised MID, which means firmware support for their own discs is poor. Easiest way to get round this is to use another MID on their own discs, so the discs are probably MBI made with Fuji licensing the MID code for use.

That’s a little bit short to the curve.
MBIL is a licensed producer for FUJI, RICOH and Mitusbishi.
There MBIL made but according to FUJI specifications when it comes to the dye. ( It uses fuji oxonol based pigment called oxolife or something like that.)
MBIL does have MID’s of there own
For -R
MBI 01RG20
MBI 01RG40
MBI 03RG30
MBI 03RG40
But fact is that they mostly produced with other codes based on the technology suppliers specs which are mostly better supported.