Moser Baer Liteon DH-22A8S

The pc shop just replaced my old faulty Dh-20a4p with this one.

Any reviews/opinions folks?

Uploading a burn log (Nero 8), benchmark, general info pdf and image.

pozzo, do you not see the results thread for iHAx322/422? Also, the iHAS422 review?

No. I searched for DH-22A8S and came up with almost nothing (on cdfreaks).
The firmware version is different I think, as mine is badged bythe lousy MoserBaer ppl… I think its affecting the write quality. I’ll provide a write graph in the right thread.

Anyways, sorry if this thread is a kind of re-post.

One strange thing i’ve noticed is that when I play movies backed up in a dvd,while seeking forwards, the drive makes a clicking noise sometimes. Like the kind of noise floppy drives used to make. Only not that loud.

You have a rebadged iHAS422.
The DMA is off for this drive, should be DMA on.

Looks more like a iHAS122 (w/o SmartErase) or iHAS322 (w/SmartErase) since LightScribe isn’t identified.

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;2218893]You have a rebadged iHAS422.
The DMA is off for this drive, should be DMA on.[/QUOTE]


Is there DMA for SATA drives? If that’s the case plz tell me how to turn it on. Also there is sometimes a rattling sound when the drives reads a dvd. Can that be a mechanical problem?

Control Panel,
Device Manager,
IDE ATA/ATAPI controls,
Serial ATA controller,
Should be somewhere in the tabs to set dma.

Can’t find any such option for DMA…posting a screenshot:
I also posted a scan for my first burn on Results & Discussion: Liteon iHAP322/422 iHAS322/422 (DH22A8) page.

SATA doesn’t have DMA enabling options like PATA, so if it’s slow, then there are likely some conflicts with drivers, programs, etc.

My system does. NForce.