Moser Baer India DVD+R



Sold as Memorex 8x DVD+R Made in India. Burned on LiteOn 811s @ 8x.


Sold TDK DVD+8x burned @8 on NEC 3520 stock 3.04


Same media as above burned with NEC 3500 AG 2.TC at 12x


Bought a 50pk (actually 2 x 25pk’s) of STAPLE’s brand 8x DVD+R’s over the Memorial Day sale @ Staples. I was really surprised by how clean the burns have been.

B7U9 ( MCSE speed patch, WOPC on )
MBIPG101 R04 (Staples 8x DVD+R)
Nero UE (data disc burn)
CD-DVD Speed v3.80 (8x scan)
Burned @ 8x.


Tried new write strategy: MBIPG101 R04 @ MBIPG101 R05. Dropped my PIE’s in half. Very pleased with this media so far.

B7U9 ( MCSE speed patch, WOPC on )
MBIPG101 R04 @ MBIPG101 R05 ( Staples 8x DVD+R )
Nero UE (data disc burn)
CD-DVD Speed v3.80 (8x scan)
Burned @ 8x.


Another nice scan on “Office Max” 8x DVD+R (MBIPG101 R04):

This stuff burns real nice. Just wondering how the media / dye itself holds up over time ( say compared to TY’s )?


sold as TDK DVDR+ 8x 5pack jewelcase
burned 4x on liteon 811s


Bought this one in 10-pcs cakebox of TDK 8X.
VERY pleased with this media. You can hardly get any better for any price.
Burned with 1693S @ 8X.


Moser Baer Media Quality ( Longterm )
Hello, all … I’m still curious as to the longevity of Moser Baer media. Has anyone re-scanned any MBI media that’s been burned a while back? Considering how well they burn, it’d be a shame if they turn out to deteriorate and not hold up well. Kinda takes all the fun of seeing those nice ‘initial’ scans. I hope they do hold up well because they give me some of the cleanest overall scans (when considering both PIE & PIF) in my Benq 1620.

@ danio 89:
Nice scan!


Wow! That’s a great batch of MBI you got, to only get 87 PIF and 60 ballpark with your BenQ1620. You got a great 1620 and a great batch of that mid–those are on par with yuden000t02 and OEM TY scans! :clap:

NOTICE TO FUTURE POSTERS: If you use a BenQ 1620 or other burner with media code patches that let you choose the write strategy, please post the write strat you used. Also, if any of you reading this later would be willing, please rescan a few MBI burns in 2-3 months and repost with the comparison, so we know about longevity (any seasoned vet knows Riteks would burn great, but then have double or more errors in as little as 2 weeks after the initial burn).


I used stock write strats with those burns. I tried the 05 and the burns turned out horrible. The memorex brand burned better than the first 50 pack of office Max ones. I just started my second 50 pack of OM and they are doing better than the first pack. The first pack burned better at 12X WOPC off than they did at 8X wopac off or on. I’m burning this second pack at 12X Wopc on and getting good burns.

OT…FYI The color Fuji 5x10pk of TYG02 are burning great, just hope the +Rs I got at Staples burns as good.


Rescanned after 2 months … and starting to see more PIF errors at the end of the disc. Still well within DVD spec, but it makes you wonder if this will be a continuing trend as time goes by. :frowning:

Btw … does it matter if you re-scan a disc using different firmware than you originally burned it with - ie. B7T9 vs B7V9 in this case:?

BENQ 1620 PRO Retail
F/W: B7V9 (RPC1) + speedpatch
Burn: 8x

Media: “Staples” brand, 8x DVD +R (Made In India)
Strat: stock

1st scan: original scan @ 6/8/05
2nd scan: rescanned @ 8/7/05


MBIPG101 R04 - BENQ 1620 PRO Retail F/W: B7U9 + speedpatch - @8x

Media: “Staples” brand, 8x DVD +R (Made In India)
Strat: stock

Another discs rescanned after 2 months. Same thing … more PIF errors developing at the end of the disc. Strange. The disc itself was clean and also used compressed air to blast off dust specs.
1st scan: original scan @ 6/8/05
2nd scan: rescanned @ 8/7/05


Just picked up a 50 pack from Office Max. Doesnt look very good. I hope it is the media and not my burner.

Stock write strat.


R05 write strat @8x.

R05 write strat @12x. I give up, looks like freebees to me. Dont think I will be buying anymore of this.


Memorex 4x of about a year ago…still quite good :slight_smile:


@ Tvduijn:

Well, the ‘degradation’ on my 2 re-scanned MBIPG101 R04’s (posted above) show big PIF changes after the 4.2 GB mark. So, maybe it’s something that just happens with the edges of their discs.

So, in your case, do you have anything from a year ago that’s a full disc? Would you mind posting your original and a re-scan for comparison? I’d really like to see how esp. the edge (4.0GB+ area) holds up after a year. Thanks.


I should have a full one since i had a pack of 50…


MBIPG101 R03, from same spindle as the previous scan. About the drive, its an unbranded Lite-on drive for laptops that came with my new acer laptop…

still very good i guess, some minor spikes in the end but nothing to be worried about.


@ Tvduijn:

Thanks for posting that. Still in great shape considering it’s a year old.

Btw, is that MBIPG101 R04? Or, what MID is that? The MID characters are garbled. Also, out of curiousity, what drive are you using to scan those? Not familiar with the drive that’s noted. Thanks.

My 2 month old MBIPG101 R04’s were sprouting thick PIF’s at about the 4.2GB mark. In 2 months, it went from a PIF total of 63 to 952. At that rate, I’d be hitting 5,334 PIF total in 10 more months. Lol.

I seriously hope I’m wrong. :frowning: