Moser Baer India DVD+R

Can´t say anything to CD-R from India with MCC-MID, because I used CD-R in the last 15 years rarely but MBI was a good company for DVD R in the past

Last years media is a different story because of high total PIF but most were OK to the last MB which I can´t say for newer MCC-media by CMC.

Can´t remember any DVD+R DL with MCC-MID made in India. Mostly had made in Singapore and UAE AFAIR.

Not sure whether MBI is such a great name to have because only the Freaks like us will know this name. Never had optical media which are labeled with MBI-brand while everybody who ever burned media knows names like Verbatim, Sony, TDK, Maxell

I haven’t found one single type or brand of DVD or CD that any Pioneer does a better job than other drives with… (in other words, Pioneer is not better for +R, eventhough they played a part in the development of the technology itself)

BD-R is a different story…

I’m currently testing MKM003 (UAE) with a DVR-217D @ 2x, I’ll post the results in the near future… Then I’ll crossflash to the 217L 1.10 FW and see if there’s a difference.

Any particular reason to burn MKM003 at such low speed? Is 2x even possible? It’s actually 2.4x, isn’t it? I usually use 6x with MKM003, usually a CLV write strategy, so no P-CAV or Z-CLV issues (error/jitter jumps/spikes).

+R DLs made in India probably were that bad, that Verbatim said to MBI “Ok, you’re not doing them anymore”. :rofl:

Could also be my shopping behavior :wink:

Used DL not so often because I had longevity problems with Non-Verbatim DLs, I bought long time no DLs, so my old ones were old Singapore and much later UAE

I haven’t bought DVD DLs for quite some time now, luckily a friend of mine had some Singapore +R DLs he gave me, after my ran out. Never had UAE made, what I’ve heard they’re pretty good, too?

Surprising news. I wonder who is the OEM manufacturer of those “new” Moser Baer branded media.
It would be quite ironic if it’s CMC Magnetics or Ritek.

Or UME :wink:

Sounds strange, the homepage suggests it is India-made media.

Varies a bit, but still the far best DVD-DL you can get and you can also have better results than with Singapore-made.

I’ve got an reply from Vinpower:

The new Moser Baer media is now made in Taiwan, but we still use the original Moser Baer MID and ATIP codes as follows:

For 16x DVD-R MID: MBI 01RG40
For CDR ATIP: 97:17.06 ~ 79:59.74

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CMC made MBI media? What’s wrong with that picture? LOL

Or Ritek?

Not sure MBI MIDs have a better reputation than CMC or Ritek.

And dunno if it is clever to use a MBI-MID for other media.

However, the MBI-media since 2013 have awful high PIF total and is overall not good; Ritek and CMC -R is much better

In my experience the Pioneers do better with very old DVD-media 4x-speed or less. Other DVD-writers don´t have such old MIDs in the FW and burn a standard-strategy with 4x-speed and create awful/unreadable media. That´s the strong point of Pioneer, even very old MIDs are in the FW of their BD-writers. But some newer media are not implemented like (RICOHJPN R03)

Overall the Pioneers beat LiteOn with most media, LG is closer to Pioneer but only with newer and common MIDs

It’s actually burning it at 2.4x (or close to it)… CDSpeed just lists “2x” in the drop down selection menu.

Duly noted…

Writer: Optiarc AD-7173A
Firmware: 1.03
Media: Maxell DVD+R 16x
MID: (MBIPG101 R05 001)
Burn Speed: 16x
Burned 2021
Scanned 2021