Moser Baer India DVD+R

So far I believe Ritek F16 is the only disc I posses that requires the Pioneer drive for a good result.

See here.

The x15 is also a good one for older media

Writer: Pioneer BDR-212D
Firmware: 1.00
Media: Memorex DVD+R 16x
MID: (MBIPG101 R05 001)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2020
Scanned 2020

This is really bad. Never burned this media, was bought via Ebay with other media

Writer: LG BH16NS40 (NS51)
Firmware: 1.03
Media: Memorex DVD+R 16x
MID: (MBIPG101 R05 001)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2020
Scanned 2020

Looks better with the LG

Sold as: RCA DVDNP50S (8x max, 50 piece spindle)
MID: MBIPG101 R04 001
Burned with: Optiarc AD-7263S 1.03 @ 4x (crossflashed from AD-7250H - with thanks to czary2mary)
Hub Code: 5202502 +R C C 04359 (Manufactured July 21st, 2005)
Stamper Code: M0067V DVDPLUSR8X
Country of Manufacture: India

PG101R04 @ 4x Optiarc AD-7263S 4

Results are comparable to AD-7200S. Also picked up a an iHAS124B recently, so it’s thrown in the mix here. Does AL0S not have a jitter scan capability or maybe it’s something with this drive?

EDIT: I do get a jitter result in Opti Drive Control… Someone else had this issue on this forum. I replaced the screenshot.

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Not sure, but I guess the 124B need a newer version than 4.7

Fixed it. You need to click on the advanced button (not the advanced tab, but the button under where it says “show write speed”) and then click jitter there as well.

And it doesn’t show the jitter as it it doing the test like with BenQ, but rather, it is displayed when the test is over.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

AFAIK the LiteOn only scan some samples for the jitter test while the Benq reads a lot of samples. Maybe the LiteOn do similar if choosing accuracy instead of speed (if possible)

The Advanced Tab don´t appear without a burner which have the ability for it. If I don´t have a Benq connected it disappears.

I checked, that option is greyed out:


The tab appears for me, but the “start” button is greyed out.

Now maybe someone knows why CDSpeed doesn’t do a spin up in the basic tests for the BenQ drive… It does for other drives, just not the BenQ… It sometimes results in a spurious jitter spike at the beginning of the test.

Was the advanced also visible without a connected Benq?

No, I don’t believe so.

I´m a bit surprised

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It’s a good thing that another manufacturer will be in business, but I don’t understand the reason for bringing back from the dead the specific brand, as I never really liked media made in India. Safari and Zebra? Who came up with those names anyway?

Ask Vinpower :wink:

I´m not sure whether anyone think of India with these names.

TBH, I wasn´t a fan of latest MBI-made-media, but old MBI media, no matter whether with MBI or MCC-MID, was real good.

And the MBI-DL-media is much better than CMC.

I intentionally only bought Verbatim media made in India and they were worse in quality than the Verbatim media made in Taiwan. I don’t expect these new media to become widely available and even if they do, I don’t intend to buy them.

I have very diffent experiences with both, Taiwan and India. MCC-media from 10 years ago oder older were much better than actual media.

I also doubt it´s widely available, I don´t understand Vinpower in this point. I woukd understand if customers of Vinpowers Copy-Stations want also to buy media with Vinpower-Brand, but I think it should not use names and designs from animals, it should be more neutral

If it would be available here for a good price I would try it :slight_smile:

If I had to guess, most likely Vinpower purchased the “Moser Baer” brand name at the bankruptcy liquidation auction, or licensed it from the IP company who bought the brand name at the bankruptcy auction.

Establishing your own new brand name is likely a lot harder, than just using/licensing an existing one with some history. For example, like how american brand names of yesteryear are utilized today for marketing purposes, such as RCA.

Don’t see the point of this, most of MBI media was crap. Especially MKM DLs made in India were awful.

What are you talking about?

See my post just above with great results for MBIPG101 R04 001… Got them for next to nothing - a whole spindle.

I’m talking about old Verbatim CDs made in India, awful, I’m talking about Verbatim DVD+R DLs made in India, so fucking awful I’ve sent them to Verbatim support, they replaced them with DLs made in Singapore.
Maybe they eventually got better, but as far as I’m concerned I stayed away from MBI the same way I stayed away from RiCrap.

Regarding results, the Pioneer 212 doesn’t seem to like MBI +Rs that much?