Moser Baer India DVD+R

Writer: Sony RDR-HX 750 (DVD-HDD-Recorder)
Firmware: ?
Media: Titanum DVD+R 8x
MID: (MBIPG101 R05)
Burn Speed: 8x
Burned 2019
Scanned 2019

LG BH16NS55@LG WH16NS58 1.V5, 4.17 GB burned at 8x

sold as “TX Think Xtra 16x Inkjet Printable DVD+R” in 5 pcs. pack
Made in India

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Is this media an old one? The MBI-media I bought last years have much higher error-rates

This is qiute new, I bought it like a month ago in an electronics store. It says it was made in EU but I doubt it according to the hub code…
Or maybe because I tend to scan on 4x speed?

Don´t think it´s because you scan 4x.

My experience with DVD-media is that lower scan speed shows lower PIE, but PIF stays the almost the same.

Exception is very old media which causes truble if read faster than 8x/12x

Yeah, this may be true for DVD media, but for BD-R I don’t think so, in my experience. This MBI media seems to be a good batch then :slight_smile:

Yep, much better than all of my MBI of the last years (Maxell, Edeka, o-fiz, Platinum)

Scann BD-R is a different thing, especially the most used scanner, LiteOn iHBS x12 is a weak reader and shows much higher error-rates at higher speed. But I still use highest speed to compare my own burns, it´s not really possible to compare with other users. Even I have some
iHBS 112 which show extreme differences at scanning.

My LG BH16NS55@WH16NS58 is much more stable on higher scan speeds.

Yeah, that’s very interesting indeed. Increasing the speed is not really an issue for dirve :open_mouth: I think LG was always know for its good reading capabilites and for reading back discs other drives just couldn’t.
I’m suprised to see you also have a crossflashed NS55, yet I don’t see too much BD TL/XL scans here…

LG was better known for weak read capabilities but good write quality, LiteOn vice versa

I crossflashed my 55 to have an alternative for scanning BD-R. And the 55 with original FW can also write to BD XL.

I don’t know, back in the day when there I had only DVD-RW yet, my LG could read back almost everything…

Could be with RW

But LG had for some drive-generations crazy read problems

Used LG-drives rarely for reading. The old CD-/DVD-ROM-drives from LG were slow and weak readers, I preferred Toshiba and Cyberdrive.

LG writers were much better in reading, but still a bit senstive with slowdowns while other drives read full speed.

Actually I don´t see much difference between LiteOn and LG at reading, but the fatal reading behaviour let me mostly choose LiteOn for reading while I prefer LG for writing.

I did not have any experience like that. I had an LG DVD writer and it was a really good reader.
I think my Lite-On had far more superior writing quality at the beginning, in its first years. Idk what happened… But I don’t really trust it nowadays for burning or maybe the LG is just plain better. I’ve cleared the OPC history a while ago but only burned this disc yet. We’ll see.

Sold as: RCA DVDNP50S (8x max, 50 piece spindle)
MID: MBIPG101 R04 001
Burned with: Optiarc AD-7200S 1.09 @ 4x
Hub Code: 5202502 +R C C 04359 (Manufactured July 21st, 2005)
Stamper Code: M0067V DVDPLUSR8X
Country of Manufacture: India


A very nice result indeed. I think the AD-7200S is a very underrated drive, and especially overlooked when it comes to MBI media, which seems to do well on it. So far I’ve had good results with MBI made MCC discs and these discs. I will put this aside to test in the future for possible degradation, but the media has already held well for 15 years, albeit in an untouched state.

8x MBI-media was good in my experience. Also the old 16x is superior to the last produced media from MBI.

Re-did the test, this time written at 8x on a BenQ DW1640.


Very pleased with the result. I wonder if I would get a better result with 4x on the BenQ. Next I need to try this disc on a Pioneer drive. <<==done! The Pioneer’s result was atrocious. Not even worth completing. The PIEs were climbing into the hundreds of thousands within the first 20 seconds.

Hm, the Pioneer x15 were one of the best writers I ever had, with a wide range of media

So far I believe Ritek F16 is the only disc I posses that requires the Pioneer drive for a good result.

See here.

The x15 is also a good one for older media

Writer: Pioneer BDR-212D
Firmware: 1.00
Media: Memorex DVD+R 16x
MID: (MBIPG101 R05 001)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2020
Scanned 2020

This is really bad. Never burned this media, was bought via Ebay with other media

Writer: LG BH16NS40 (NS51)
Firmware: 1.03
Media: Memorex DVD+R 16x
MID: (MBIPG101 R05 001)
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero 7
Burned 2020
Scanned 2020

Looks better with the LG