Moser Baer India BD-R

Since I bought the discs on an auction, I suspect that they might have been stored improperly.

Pleomax looks differently, both hub code and dye colour show that it’s a different disc type/generation. Pleomax is more brownish, hub code follows same pattern like old PHILIP-R02-000 media produced in the Netherlands.

Mediarange 25GB 4x / MBIR06

Burned with Panasonic UJ-220 @2x

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Awesome for this media

Writer: Pioneer BDR-212E
Firmware: 1.01
Media: Professional Line 25GB 6x
Burn Speed: 4x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2021
Scanned 2021

C-grade media?

Looks more like Z-grade.

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Maybe it would look awesome with a 2x or 4x scan :wink:

I doubt that. :smiley:

OK, but it could help a bit :wink:

Here is another scan compare with this kind of media