Moser Baer Gold

As I stated in the other post about looking transparent in light, I have uploaded some images.

Please look at the 3rd image. My fingers are behind CD-R but are still visible as if CD was transparent. Where as this doesn’t happen with SAMSUNG PLEOMAX. Right now i dont have one, but i’ll post images later.

So can anybody confirm about longetivity of such thin disc? (I know longetivity has another criteria, but won’t this disc be more exposed to scraches if handled roughly?)

  1. Moser Baer Gold

  1. Moser Baer GOLD From Back

  1. Moser Baer Gold In Light

or you can visit this link

I have used media like this, Plasmon and other brands of CD-Rs and a couple brands of cheapo DVD media. Of course the disc itself isn’t any thinner, it’s just the differences in the dye used and the top layer of the media. I would be more concerned about deterioration from UV with these types of discs, and stability and burn quality in general one would think would be an issue. I have to admit I’ve been suprised by the cheap DVDs I used, they were burned about 3 years ago and are still holding up fine. The dye is likely lower quality and the actual amount of dye being used is probably less as well. The CD-Rs I used like this were not as durable and the top protective layer did not protect the discs very well, so you may want to be more careful in their handling.

Moser Baer Gold are very costly indeed. They’re not cheap. Thay are the most costly CDs in fact

I have some 8 year old Prodisc gold discs. These are not explicitly “gold” as in made with gold, at least not to my knowledge. They are unbranded. The colour of the recording side is the same sort of gold as the old Kodak discs people use to love so much, rather than the light gold colour you normally see. Anyway, these discs are virtually transparent, like your Moser Baer Gold discs. However, 8 years later they are all still readable, despite being stored in tropical conditions.

I must be the only person who has good experiences with Prodisc CD-Rs.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

^How expensive are those MBI Gold CDs? I’m assuming you’re from India?

With Kodak Gold CD-Rs you can aslo see through the discs (like the pic you posted). Kodak Gold MIJ used to be high quality and I never had any problems till now. The discs I have were burned around 4 to 6 years ago and are still in a good condition. So I think there is nothing to worry about seeing through the disc if they are of a good quality.

ye indeed! i am from india. ahmedabad.
MoserBaer Gold are not sold in jewelcases, but only sold in 100 spindle
cost is 1200/-
but if i choose to buy single, they are 15/- per piece.

i dont think any other brand is as costly.
because now a days i get
MoserBaer Pro+Silver - 9 Rs. (7.5 Rs. for bulk)
Fontech Professional - 7 Rs. (6 Rs. for bulk)
Frontech Plus. 7.5 Rs. (same for bulk)
Samsung - 10 Rs. (8 rs. for bulk)
Sony - 10 Rs. (8 rs. for bulk)

hey bhairav! u r from bombay right? haven’t u used these GOLD CDs?

and I just read an article on KODAK’s official website. They’re starting Gold media again


i didn’t find 'em here in ahmedabad, but u can try that bombay

Those Kodaks look similar to what they used to be. Dont know about there quality because they stopped the production some years ago and are just starting to produce again…

I wonder where they’re made. Maybe it’s done by CMC in the Ireland factory now…
But I heard that Kodak has been relabeling low quality discs after they closed their factory…

[B]underboss7000:[/B] what is the MID?

Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = CDR
Material = Phthalocyanine
Lead In = 97:24:16
Lead Out = 79:59:74
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = Moser Baer India Ltd.

only these much info available

Kodak Golds, I like 'em. Still.

Burned them 9 years ago, woohoo.

I may be getting a good deal on them, are they any good? I have some older 52X DLP discs, marked “Super Azo”. Excellent discs. Are these as good?

No idea about the Kodak discs… I’d stick with the MBI discs, TYVM!

The Verbs should be top notch quality. :wink:

G’day all,

I still have heaps of unused Kodak Digital Science Gold/Green (Made in Mexico), Kodak Gold Ultima (Made in Mexico), Ritek Gold 16X, and Prodisc Gold 16X CD-Rs. They’re sitting in my media collection. These CD-Rs actually have a 24-karat gold reflective layers - not silver like 99.9% of all CD-Rs currently sold.


If they have the ATIP Mitsubishi Chemical, that is.

That might explain something. Thinner dye = Better (and cheaper !)