Moser Baer Enters Insolvency, Stops Optical Disc Production


Optical media barely sells now. The common brands (or, better to say, the only available brands) are Maxell, MediaRange, Extreme, Verbatim and Imation.


Extreme also? Very rare here atm. And you never will know what you get.

Are the Verbatim still MCC-code or also MBI?

My last ones were all MCC, both printable, -R from MBI and +R from CMC. But in some countries Verbatim are available with MBI-code.

Mediarange is maybe a chance to get no MBI, they sold also AML.


I just bought 10 pcs pack of Extreme DVD-Rs in a local office supplies shop and, as expected, they were made by MBIL in 2013. :sunglasses:
It was my first buy of new optical media in a very long time.

Verbatims available here are mostly MII MCCs from 2010-2011.


That old MCC-media should be not bad

My last Extreme -R were MBI, +R SONY D21 (from MBI). I don´t trust Extreme, my MBI-cakebox says “Made in China”


Who is that?

Other drives suggest VDSPMSAB01. Who is that?

Probably, the (W) riteMaster has lost it’s mastermind.
But the WriteMaster masters DVD-RW and sometimes +RW better than a Japanese Judo master.

It handles RW much better than R. Same for some old Pioneers.


MBIL = Moser Baer India Limited

VDSPMSAB01 = Interaxia Stamper and maybe Dye , different manufacturers used them in the past


This is a bit of a shock. I always assumed they would be one of the last manufacturers left standing, alongside CMC & Ritek.

And here. Buy/order some discs at random (major or minor brand) and they would probably be made by MBI.

Many people were always been prejudiced against them; narrow-minded bigots who couldn’t imagine that anything made in India might be of decent quality. But they could produce excellent discs, whether under their own media codes or when outsourcing for Verbatim, Sony and others.

My own personal experience from a decent sample size take over more than a decade was that their MCC004s were on average better than CMC Magnetics (even the ‘PAPA’ ones) and not far behind Prodisc (who benefit from a much smaller sample size and discontinuing production some time ago). The best were on a par with the best CMC, but the worst were not as bad. Unlike CMC, I only had a single batch of MBI MCC004s which were not of acceptable quality (early 2016 production). They were still making excellent MCC004s in 2015 - not record breakers, but ~1.5 PIF average/~500 PIF total is nothing to complain about. And we should remember that they managed to produce some decent quality MKM003 DVD+R DL discs for Verbatim - something which CMC had been unable to do.

As far as their own media code discs went I only used their CD-R & DVD+RW. (Always wanted to try their DVD+R & BD-R, but never managed to get hold of any.) The DVD+RW were great - I’m still using the same 10 discs I purchased 12 years ago. They have been very reliable - a couple were last written to >10 years ago and are still perfectly readable, and others which have been re-written many times are still going strong. Their CD-R have always been highly variable in quality. Usually they’re pretty mediocre (although I have some 2004 production discs which scan like Taiyo Yudens!), but there have been no degradation problems. And again I have never had a pack which was not of acceptable, quality unlike CMC & Ritek where I have had packs of defective-grade discs (massive numbers of C2 and almost all discs failing verification!) even under the Verbatim & TDK brands respectively.

But it wasn’t all good. Their production line for Verbatim AZO CD-R has had a persistent problem with dust spots since 2009, and poor quality in general - so bad that I had to boycott my favourite CD-R. (Have some fantastic 2008 discs though.) And like all disc manufacturers in modern times (with one or two exceptions - MCC Singapore, maybe FTI) they produced their fair share of discs which really should have been sent for recycling rather than sold on the general market as storage media, although these generally appeared under crap-disc brands.


Well, I´m not prejudiced about any manufacturer in any country, but the experience with MBI-DVD-media in the last years is awful.

DVD+R DL is not that bad, but Ritek S04 is much better, FTI-made Verbatim is far better. Verbatim DL by MBI I never had. CMC rarely produced good DL-media, D03 is awful, so I don´t see it as a reference.

I guess I never had MBI DVD RW media, so I can´t say anything about it.

CD-R I don´t use often, but except with my awful Mediarange CD-R 100 I don´t have problems with the quality.

MBIR06 seems to be a reliable media, but have higher error-rates after burning than most other BD-media I have.

Maybe you have seen some of the results with newer MBI-media, especially with DVD+R

The MCC-coded MBI-media looks far better, and I don´t see much different to my CMC-made MCC-media, but that´s not the point. If I purchase some Non-Verbatim-branded-media made by MBI I will get awful-media which is much more worse than any CMC, Ritek, AML, Ume. FUJIFILM03 made by MBI was also awful, burn-results were not good, the longevity was the worst I ever had with DVD-media.
My old 8x MBI-media and first 16x were very good media, but the quality of the last 4 years were awful. But this is the media you get actual with many brand names.

So my conclusion is, if I want DVD-media I would prefer any other manufacturer and will not miss MBI.


To be honest, I am surprised that they had survived for so long. They have been in utterly dire financial condition since 2012. If you are really bored, check their annual reports and quarterly financials. :slightly_smiling_face:
Their accumulated debt is totally insane, their sales income has been massively declining every quarter and they could not pay even their employees and raw supplies vendors.


I am going to second that. I hope that the European DVD market will eventually clear out MBIL DVDs but I am not too optimistic.
On the other hand, I will miss their AZO CD-Rs - as Ibex said, they has been inconsisent in quality but I have not seen any CMC produced AZO CD-Rs in years (possibly even more than 10 years) and with the bankruptcy of MBIL they may become entirely unavailable here in Central Europe. Also, their DVD+R DL and RWs were usually rather good.


Do you mean the dark blue Dye? I´m not sure at which time I saw this Dye the last time.


The current AZO CD-Rs have a light blue recording layer, the older AZO dyes(especially those from the 1990s) had a much nicer deep dark blue color.

A picture of 52x AZO CD-R:


Ah, sounds familar.

My old 12x DLP had dark blue, 8x DL a lighter blue and were CMC-ATIP, my last Verbs were 40x with light blue, could be similar to your 52x

The 12x DLP were great, last year re-scanned and mostly are still in very good shape. However, had one bad exemplar



Revisiting this topic, I wonder what will happen in terms of Verbatim media, especially for the European market, since a lot of it was made by MBIL (I assume due to geographic proximity). I wonder if FTI will be called upon to fill the void as they made some REALLY good SL MCC media a few years back.


Would be nice, but what about CMC?

In the shops around here you rarely find CMC-Verbatims, but the whosale my employer order DVDs sell atm printable -R by CMC and +R by MBIL


I’ve imported Verbatim 16x hub printable media for the EU market and all spindles I got,+ or -, were by CMC.


Where do you live?

In most local shops around here I only find MBIL, the Real-market (Metro AG) was the only one who had also some CMC, but could be older batches.

I don´t know who made the printable +R I´ve burned in last time, but my x24 F LiteOn have awful problems with it

Some discs were not recognized after burn.

And my DVR-S21 had problems with -R

I don´t have the S21 that long, but my S20 had no problems with older batches of MCC, no matter whether MBIL or CMC

I hope the quality of MCC-media would be more stable in future.